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Replacing A Old Furnace With A Diesel Heater?


I'm living in a 86 terry by fleetwood. I don't trust my furnace from terralab engineers running 24/7 so I'm wondering on the ol amazon diesel heaters which would solve a lot of my problems since I'm living in MN so I'm wondering if anyone else done the same. I want it to be safe since I have a dog so hopefully no carbon dioxide or minimal to where I can keep fresh air flowing through. A couple of diesel heaters I'm looking at is Vevor and I'm wondering if I can install the heater under my camper and run the ducts where I need them to be. I also cant afford a eberspacher or anything of that quality. 

Heres one that I'm looking at getting #


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Nomad II

Where are you going to store the Diesel fuel?

Will you get rid of all the other propane devices?

I think any combustion heater can create a CO issue when the heat exchanger leaks exhaust fumes into the heated air, no matter where it is installed. Or when the exhaust gases somehow manage to get inside the camper. Whatever you do, make sure you have a working CO alarm.

I had a CO alarm go off once.

Apparently this is what happened: We were parked with the water heater side of the camper into a steady wind. There was a small air leak where the propane line exits the camper and is connected to the water heater. There was a rubber grommet, but it didn't seal the opening airtight. The water heater was running when the furnace started its cycle. Apparently the furnace created enough of a vacuum in the cabinet where both appliances live to suck w/h exhaust fumes into the camper. They didn't dissipate fast enough on the outside because of the constant wind, which probably also did not help with a clean burn.. Eventually, the CO alarm went off.

We shut everything off and vented the camper, no harm done. Leak sealed with some butyl rubber. Future parking takes wind into account.

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My cousin and her husband put a diesel heater in their '64 GMC bus they converted to an RV.  They love it.  You can see videos of their entire build at  You can find them on YT under the same channel name.


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What is it you don't trust about your old heater? If you do not already have on  I would suggest a Carbon Monoxide alarm. They are under $30 at Home Depot and can literally save your life.

As far as a diesel heater I'm assuming it vents to the outside so it should be good.

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