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$199 Monthly Special

Winter Texan numbers have been down this year in the Rio Grande Valley. A number of RV Parks are running a special, $199 for a month if you are a first time customer. The park I am at is part of Encore and is running this special. Gas here is $1.4...

Average monthly rates?

What is the average monthly site rate for snowbird locations? Our summer site runs about $650 per month. I am curious if winter spots are similar.

Rout assistance Vancouver, BC to Arizona

First time travelling from Vancouver area BC Canada to Arizona and am wondering what the best route is to avoid the mountains during our trip? Thanks for your route suggestions as we are new to this!

Sally_B by Explorer
  • 10 replies

Displaced Florida Snowbirds Room Here

If your RV Park will be shut down this winter due to hurricane damage we have 1000's of available RV sites still available here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. You will be treated like long time friends and the cost will likely be significantly le...

pawatt by Explorer
  • 9 replies

35GB plan for US & Canada - $5/mo(paid yearly)

Just saw this company US Mobile announce an annual US & Canada data plan for $65. It gives 35Gb data for a year for $60. Not to be confused with their domestic US plans — you have to use their "Global by US Mobile" app to get the data. Not a bad deal...

Flying J/Pilot oil

For the last twelve years going to Florida and back to Ontario {except for the last two winters, thank you covid/stupid Canadian goverment{ we have always fueled at Flying J/Pilot oil stations and stayed overnight however on the way down this fall we...

USA export controls on golf carts?

We've acquired a golf cart to help getting around campgrounds and we're wondering if we can take it to Canada.I know motor vehicles must be exported - so a Class A would be subject to export controls but a 5th wheel isn't.I know our golf cart is moto...

Winterizing & Summerizing for Snowbirds

This subject comes up often so here is the result of the best reference the archives turned up. It's at: Winterizing house, 10/17/02.cyminn wrote:I don't worry about the heat, but if you do, there is a temp device that will either phone a number or ...

How's the trip down?

After not being able to go down to Florida for the last two years ( thanks Trudy)just wondering how's the trip down from Detroit to Florida along the I-75, road construction and such,,,,Thanks in advace!!!

Are there any snowbird RV parks in New Mexico?

We've been wintering in Texas, but the RV parks we stay at has sold and we are tired of the whole right wing leaning of Texas. So we're thinking of other locations. We'll miss the beach and our friends but if we find a good place to land for the wint...