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Concern about RVing with Our Dogs

My husband and I want to purchase a travel trailer and camp with our dogs. Our dogs have a pack mentality and bark at other dogs and other animals scurrying at night. We thought about renting an RV to test the waters but dog friendly RV rentals are ...

Learned an expensive lesson today

We have been fulltime rving since Feb. 2019. Didn't realize that unless you have and live at an actual address you can't get a bank loan. Crazy!! We have had a few other problems also with not having an actual residence. We had to buy a new truck an...

Best way to tow with mobility issue

After hip surgeries, can still do most things, but have trouble getting down low. I want to tow using a tow bar rather than trailers, dolly, etc. they seem fairly easy, but which bar setup requires the least effort getting down low? NSA, Blue ox, R...

by Not applicable
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2023 camping season

Are you still going or cutting back this year due to rising costs? The campground I camp at your having a hard time reserving campsites.

t-train by Explorer
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ebike for a heavy rider?

I'm 285 and want an ebike to cruise the campgrounds, trails and maybe a nearby town.Anybody out there think what they have can help me out or maybe know of a fellow camper has what may work for me.I've seen PLENTY advertised and reviewed, but I'm loo...

Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection

I thought that with the demographics and the active lifestyle I might ask here about this procedure.Seems that there may be a lot of senior members that have or had demanding physical jobs leading to back problems.I know 40 years of bouncing around ...

No place to camp in Florida

Just a little rant. I love people are getting out rving. But **** I live here in Orlando Florida. And for the life of me I can get a camp site anywhere in fl. We must have 8000 campground in Florida and I can't go camping. They all keep telling me I ...

David0725 by Explorer II
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Handling home office equipment - hanging files

We are spending several months at a time in our RV. I have tried numerous ways of keeping personal files. My hanging files jump off the rails while traveling and fall down into any file drawer, file box or file container I have tried. Anyone have ...

New to RVing

Ole and Sven were taking a vacation in Sven's new camper. As usual, they'd become lost and were wandering around a strange town trying to find the highway. Sven was just starting down a grade to go under a bridge when he slams on the brakes. Ole: Vat...

Horsedoc by Explorer II
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Mobility Scooter/power chair question

Hi FolksEnjoying the RV lifestyle can be somewhat challenging when you have mobility issues. I am wondering how people manage these challenges by using mobility scooters or power chairs? Do you own one and take it with you (full-sized, foldable/tak...

Back before cellphones

Remember the rows of pay phones campgrounds had near the office? Phone calls when you changed campgrounds and periodically so people back home could get in touch if they had to. It was nothing to be out of touch for days if you were out west.This cam...

jkwilson by Explorer II
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RVing with IBD?

Ed has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and we're working with Doctors to get his insides in a "happier place". I am lobbying for a small Class C motorhome to make life easier for both of us: I am cooking a lot more anti-inflammatory meals (p...