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Where do you put your trash can?

In both our previous Class A's we had space for a 13 gal trash can under the sink. In our last FW we had space for 2. In our current MBS Class C, there is no place I can think of to put even a small trash can. Looking for creative ideas you folks may...

way2roll by Traveler II
  • 15 replies

salvage title

Hello,I am hoping someone might have an idea to help my situation.My Okanagan camper was in an accident and the other drivers insurance decided it was a total loss and paid me for it. They paid me less because i decided to keep it. they never gave me...

RV Service and Repair??????????????

Am I the only one who is seeing downright bad RV repair/service these days?My fridge stopped cooling back in June. I called Dometic who gave me a local certified Dometic repair company. He came out, disconnected a wire and said he would be back in ...

SGTJOE by Explorer II
  • 30 replies

Apex Club on Reserve America

Just finished reserving a few nights camping with ReserveAmerica.com and I noticed an ad for the Apex Club. Some kind of discount thing for camping and accessories. Tried to look up some information about it, like membership fees but couldn't find mu...

docsouce by Explorer II
  • 3 replies

IRV 66 - won't power up

Has anyone had an issue with an IRV 66 audio system / DVD player not powering up? Pulled the TT out of storage today and the radio won't power up. The screen wont do anything and no lights at all other than a dull red light on the power button. ...

Winter RV camping

Winter RV camping:This information on winter RVing is provided courtesy of Tiger Run Resort, Breckenridge, CO.DianneOK, moderator--------------------------------------------------------------------Skiing and cold weather RVing can make for a fun vaca...

DianneOK by Explorer
  • 191 replies

Hankook TH31

Any body install the new trailer tire from Hankook? It was introduced Apr 2021 on the market.Any good reviews for Honkook tire in general? May be that the new tire to replace the Sailun tire which go down hill lately.We need feed back.

buc1980 by Explorer
  • 12 replies

Inverter draw from battery for residential fridge

Does anyone know how many amps are drawn by an inverter to convert to AC for a residential fridge. My battery is rated at 175 minutes at 25 amps but I am trying to figure out how many amps are being drawn out. Or can anyone tell me how to figure it o...

Campinfan by Explorer II
  • 23 replies

Running Dedicated Water Line For RV at Home?

So when we are camping we always use a splitter on the water spigot at the campground. One line runs to the camper water intake and the other goes to the sewer flush. We only connect the sewer flush to the camper once we actually need it. So no th...

Sewer Solutions Loose Connections?

So I bought the sewer solutions kit knowing full well it wasn’t long enough for my home dump. I wanted to get it in my hands so I could see what I needed to finish my run. All I need is another 25’ hose. I’ll have the 10’ hose that it came with an...

Burnt Corral - Roosevelt and Apache Lakes...

My bride and I Just returned from a quickie, 3 day 2 night trip to the Burnt Corral CG to celebrate her 73rd birthday. It is located 5 miles south of the Roosevelt Dam and about 10 miles north of the largest section of Apache Lake. From the Rooseve...

Solar inverter -- shore power question

I am trying to understand a residential refrigerator with solar panels. When I connect to full hookup does the refrigerator continue to run through the inverter or does it bypass the inverter and connect to shore power only? Let me see if I can make ...

TenOC by Traveler
  • 7 replies

Coating peeling off seats

Among other issues, my 6 year old Sprinter has a serious problem with the 'leather' coated seating areas. Basically, it has been peeling and cracking off for a few years now, and it's at the point where you can't even sit on anything without a sheet...

Hemling by Explorer
  • 12 replies