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DISH Outdoors Pay-As-You-Go


I have been a DISH Pay-As-You-Go Outdoor customer for over 4 years.  In the past when we'd go camping our routine has been to open the MyDISH app, pay enough so DISH has a month in advance then authorize and reactivate my receiver.  Once we return home I would call to cancel my service until next time.  The remaining un-used balance would show as a credit on my account.  So we were Paying-As-You-Go on a daily basis.  Good deal!

However this past trip I called to cancel and was told the Pay-As-You-Go policy had changed.  Now Pay-As-You-Go is for a month MINIMUM regardless of how much you use it!   Very disappointed.  Now if we tailgate for a game we have to pay for a month for 1 day of service.  Raw deal. 

Anyone have a suggestion of what to use instead?   Thanks 

2007 Winn Voyage 38J, gas 8.1L engine
2018 Jeep Cherokee flat tow