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For The "Camping Van Conversions" Forum

Welcome to the Camping Van Conversions Forum ! ... ( CVC )

1. Hey, I just signed up and wanna ask a question!
Any tips for getting my "Topic" to attract lots of attention?

  • Try and make the "Topic" as descriptive, but yet concise as possible. This will allow you to receive quicker, and more detailed responses. It will also make future searches of the archives faster, and more accurate.

    Although teaser subject lines that tell you nothing of the subject can be quite creative, they often result in being overlooked by experienced members that you may very well like reading your posts.

    Examples are:

    "We Now Know the Rest of the Story"
    "Let the Good Times Roll"
    "Get a Load of This"

    If your subject is "Need Manuals", expand it a little like "Need Manual for 2004 Chevy Roadtrek 190 Versatile"

    Being Descriptive AND Concise takes just a little thought but will result in your posts being read by more members.

    It's always helpful to know what particular van you have or are inquiring about.... Year, Make, Model and chassis.

    Example: 2003 Roadtrek 190 Popular, Chevy

    Without this information, the first reply to your post will likely be an inquiry for the information.

    Another thing, for new members to consider, is to first search the archives for an answer to a question. if you don't find an answer, or if the answer is not to your satisfaction, then post a "New Topic". You will find you get a better response from the older members if the question hasn't been asked, and answered several times in the past. I'm not saying you wont get an answer, just not as a detailed as you may find in the archives.

  • Here's the link to Post a New Topic in CVC.

    2. OK, How do I search the Archives?

  • Pulsar has an excellent tutorial for searching the archives here.

    When searching, bare in mind that many posts contain shortened words, nicknames, or acronyms. For instance, if you have a problem with your refrigerator, and searched the archives for "refrigerator", you would never find the threads where someone called it "reefer", "refer" or "ref." Another example would be "Roadtrek" referred to as "Road Trek" or simply "RT". If search results are coming up short, think about variations and try those out, too.

  • Here's the link to perform an Advanced Search.

    3.Tutorial for Using the Message Bar.

    4. I wanna see the pictures!

  • RV.Net Class B Photo Thread.

  • RV.Net Camping Van Enthusiasts Map Thread

  • How do you get into the Picture Posting Fun? RV.Net Tutorials and Picture related FAQ's

    5. Camping Van Conversion, Class B, Class B+. What's the difference?

  • Most folks consider a Camping Van Conversion to simply be a van that has undergone some changes/modifications to make it suitable for camping. Maybe nothing more than an inflatable bed and a potti - all the way up to integrated bathrooms with plumbing, electrical systems, refrigerators, etc.

  • Like Camping Vans, Class B's are motorhomes based on a chassis that began life as a compete van. Usually the roof is replaced and sometimes large parts of the body are replaced. These fully featured motorhomes almost always include complete electrical and plumbing systems with cooking, sleeping, and bath facilities.

  • Class B+ motorhomes are usually based on a van cutaway chassis. Motorhomes based on a van cutaway chassis are Class C's. So, most B+ posts are moved to the Class C forum since those vehicles are actually Class C's. There is a very long thread titled "B+ motorhomes" over in the Class C forum. It was started over 5 years ago and has over 1500 posts within the thread.

  • Other Small Class C's are also sometimes confused as B's. Examples are the Sprinter based Winnebago View / Itasca Navion, VW based Winnebago Rialta, and offerings such as Leisure Travel's Sprinter based Freedom II Serenity.

    More explanation / argument in the following threads:

  • I'm I riding a B or a C?
  • A B+ or a small Class C, which is which???
  • I am confused B+, C ??

    6. Who makes B's? What do they look like?

  • Rodger, our Moderator, has links to many manufacturers on his web page.
  • Many forum members have posted pictures of their vans in the Class B photo thread.

    7. What about those new Sprinter based motorhomes? Where can I learn more?

  • Which Sprinter / Mercedes Benz motorhome to choose?
  • Sprinter Van - how did you choose the make/converter?
  • Sprinter mileage only 17 mpg...something wrong?
  • Sprinter diesel performance?

    8. Well, I'm really thinking about a used van. Seems that a lot of them in the 90's were Dodge based. Are those good? What should I watch out for in a used van?

  • Which one to buy????
  • Buy a used van camper sight unseen??
  • Dodge van problems ended when? Book value?
  • interesting thread about buying a used B
  • new tires for a Class B van conversion
  • Thanks, but no more Michelins for me, _ever_....

    9. Lets back up to the simple "Camping Van". What about DIY rigs?

    Yep, lotsa Do-It-Yourselfers here, too.... Check these out:

  • Here's Dan's Sprinter Project.
  • The Steyn Family Windsurfing Van on Sprinter chassis.
  • How Gregg did some nice work on his van.
  • Clyde Sisler's van.
  • ejbleendreeble's Fergus ..
  • Michel Levesque's van has a fiberglass raised top.
  • Heather's van.
  • ARcruiser's Camping Van Conversion Project is a work in progress.
  • DIY campervan conversions
  • How do you convert a van?
  • Converting a Van into a Camper

  • Factory built rigs and DIY projects need climate control, so lets talk air conditioners and heaters:

  • Coach Air Conditioning in Pleasure Way Traverse
  • Portable Air Conditioner Question
  • Advice on choosing a roof air conditioner

  • Nifty compact electric heater for a B
  • Winter Boondocking--12v heaters any good?

    10. I like the idea of not having to pull something (unless it's my boat) or drive a large bus, but I gotta wonder... can you really camp/travel comfortably in such a small rig?

    Class B's are definitely for folks that get along fairly well!

  • Are Camping Vans Too Small?
  • Family's with Class B
  • Class 'B' for Camping?
  • Traveling in a Class B...questions
  • How many use toilet and shower in class B?
  • How many nites in your van annually? Shower and cooktop use?
  • Downsize from Class C to Class B

  • Long trips in a B
  • Full Timing in a B?
  • Anyone solo fulltiming in a B? Permanently or temporarily

    11. Tips / Hints, Maintenance, Safety, Nifty Stuff, etc.

  • Watching these videos could save your life! (RV Tire Information Videos)
  • You probably should get a new Carbon Monoxide Detector!

  • Reefer Madness - keep the refrigerator level
  • Refrigerator on AC, DC, Inverter, LP - I think I have choice overload!!!

  • How Comfortable Are The Beds?
  • Setting up kitchen in a B...
  • Great Folding Colander for Class B's
  • B's Limited Space and Grills
  • Tell me the truth about B showers

  • My First Dump -- a Class B Adventure
  • Learn about Wag Bags !
  • PETT toilet- an alternative to a porta potti
  • Another alternative - check out the Bumper Dumper

  • Screen rooms in PW or comments?
  • RT 210 screen room

  • Tips for B living?
  • What do B owners pack
  • what do we pack?????
  • Most important/least important Class B features

  • Exercise! (your generator)
  • A generator tip for all the new owners.
  • Clean those AC filters
  • Tire pressure question
  • Tire pressure...Tire rating or RV Mfgr Rating???

  • How fast does "B" interior heat up in summer?
  • Genset alarm for pets.
  • Remote alarm for when Generator isn't working

  • Service Frustration
  • Why buy from the nearest dealer?

  • Winterizing

    12. Well, this whole RV'ing thing seems pretty overwhelming. Is there an FAQ for

  • Yes, Lou's FAQ in Beginning RVing covers a host of topics...

    13. I went through this whole list and still need help.

    "And finally, a note for Good Sam Members: If you are an active Good Sam Member and you have registered on the forums using the same email address that is associated with your Good Sam account, your profile will, by default, display a small Good Sam Logo Badge when you post indicating you are a Good Sam Member. If you do not want the badge to display, log out, clear your internet cookies, and log back into the forums, go to My Forums/My Profile and select NO in the drop-down menu beside the words "Show GSC badge". Then go to the bottom of the page and click on "Submit Changes".
  • 2 Big Cruisers, The Little Man, and Bailey / ARcruiser's Class B's (the first ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    Rig #8 Under Construction! / Here's the Project Thread - I'm actually working on it again!
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