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Kwikee Steps Won't Extend

Kwikee steps (part # 903311000) were working fine when we pulled out this morning. Have had no problems with them whatsoever. When stopped for gas this afternoon, nothing. Light was on lockout switch, steps should have extended, engine off, door open. Step light was on. Nothing at motor. No click, no sound, nothing. I have disconnected and reconnected plugs, nothing. I have tapped on motor with hammer, nothing. Looking for suggestions.
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We've been using the step stool for 5 years now and our knees can't take it any longer...will need to take it in soon...

Have the same problem with ours so we bought a collapsible step stool which works well for us. Replaced the steps once and motor/gear assembly & control unit a couple of times, so finally gave up.
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I guess that I would start by disconnecting the linkage with the steps blocked so they can't extend. If the step motor works then you have a maintenance problem. The steps need to be lubed regularly.

If the motor does not operate, refer to the section of Kwikee Manual #888 for trouble shooting procedure.

If I remember correctly, your step motor will have the phenolic gear housing and I would bet it ain't a window lift motor but one that is proprietary to Kwikee. I forget the name of the mfg but they are in Oregon and are mentioned time and again in the Tech Issues. Check back more than 12 months.

Sorry tp answer so late, we are on the road and the WiFi has been sketchy at best and usually non existent. If you have fixed your problem or at least identified it, would you let us know along with the solution.

The previous post has the name for the motor supplier. Cheaper to deal direct than with Lippert if, they are still the owners.
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I had that problem with mine. It was the control board on mine. You can check 12 volt power to the control board with a check light or meter (better option). If you have 12 volts going into the board but nothing out, that is probably your problem. A bad ground will also stop all operation. There's a lot of road grime, dirt, etc that gets on the ground and may stop the operation. If you're not getting 12 volts to the control board then you need to look for a fuse somewhere.

If it's the control board, it's a pretty easy fix for about $80. I replaced everything, controller, motor and gear linkage for about $200.
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This is some info I have collected over the years from various threads for Kwikee steps. Maybe there is some info that will help.

Trouble shooting chart HERE

There is a trouble shooting guide HERE

If you need sources for motors or parts check the following:




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Check all electric connections around the step motor and the door switch.
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Did you check to see if you have power to the motor. Are you getting 12 volt at the motor plug??
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