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Grilled Pizza

Explorer III
Explorer III

Picture - Pizza.jpgWho says you can't grill a pizza while camping?  A couple of tips: 1) buy premade pizza dough and 2) a pizza stone is a must.  In the grill / pellet smoker run it up to 400 degrees and BAM, you have a great personalized pizza!


Explorer II
Explorer II

Hi.  Ben here.  I do not use our gas stove or oven.  I do all the cooking for both of us.  I have 2 appliances that i cook everything with!

Omorc Air Fryer and Duxtop Induction.  

Fir Induction cooking, I use light weightn aluminum pans with stainless steel button bottoms.  No issues with any king of cooking you want with exact temps. 

I make 7"-8" pizzas, I bake small cakes, casseroles (with an insert) steaks, chicken sausage - Everything.  I microwave  frozen veggies when I csn get fresh.  I have made my own dough (too time-consuming with yeast)  but easier to use small 7,-8" round pitas or Nans.         They bake (roast) top and bottom in the air fryer.  400° 7-8 minutes (preheated 2 minutes)

No, I don't receive any kick-back.  I'm not hawking them either.  It's what use and cook with, and also,  I have been asked what works in an rv for sure! 

Hope this is useful to someone out there. 

Ben & Dee


I make 


Have you tried making your own dough? It's kind of fun and tastes more amazing than the premade dough. Your pies won't come out as round and pretty though.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

This looks like it came out of a 5-star restaurant 🙌

I've also heard of putting the dough straight on the grill for a few minutes then flip before adding the toppings.  I've haven't tried pizzas yet but it's on my agenda for trying this season.   P.S. I've also seen making pan style pizzas in a Dutch oven or cast iron skillet on the grill.