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Importance of Providing Cable TV

Dear Campers,I am getting very close to breaking ground on a new RV Campground in Austin, Texas.To that end, I have an important technology question and would greatly appreciate your guidance and feedback.How important is Cable TV at your pedestal?Th...

Malware or virus??

DW just accidentally downloaded a program under the name of SYSTWEAK which uses something called 'Regclean Pro' and PC Utilities Pro!! It is hell.Looks like malware and it refuses to be uninstalled. Please provide any assistance and advice as to ho...

Pacbrake up to $915 off

In you latest Savings Circular, on page 22, you have a Pacbrake for up to $915 off. What configuration has the $915 off. I tried several and am only seeing $100+ off the regular price.

Anyone else getting SSL errors?

This morning I started getting an SSL error message from Kaspersky on any website I visited. My sister who is visiting me tried to log in to her AOL account and was blocked. I didn't see the message, but it referred to the SSL issue and something abo...

Using Dish Tailgator cube

Nearing the end now of a second 5K+ trip using the Tailgator dish. Some observations. Fist, recently someone posted asking about coating the Tailgator with No-Wet to help rainfade with the Tailgator. I responded that rainfade is from a storm between ...

Walmart Straight Talk Phone Plan

I am trying to transition away from my outrageously high Verizon phone and data plan. If I go with one of Walmarts prepaid plans will I be able to use my Samsung Galaxy phone? I plan to use it as a hotspot (which it is capable of doing) for my co...

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Keyboard won't type

Is there a quick fix for keyboard not typing ? Its wife's Dell Desktop, and she's not happy, and when wife ain't happy,.....well, you know how it is,.....please help !

Windows 7 update and Browsers don't work

My Windows 7 laptop did a major Windows update last night as I shut down. This morning I found that neither Internet Explorer nor Google Chrome worked. Firefox was my only browser functioning. I did a System Restore to roll back the updates and all b...

New Head, or just add the Wingman

If ya buy a new Batwing head, is the wingman built in, or do ya still have to add it on the side ?If there's a new head w/ the wingman built in, (not stickin out the side) I'd rather go that way.

bad news for Millenicom users

Hi,Verizon has acquired all Millenicom customer accounts.http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/millenicom-customer-accounts-acquired-by-verizon/

Pathway X1 or X2

Hi all....my DW is tired of not getting her sports programming while on the road at state and national parks. Looking at Winegard x1 and x2. ..any comments or observations will be appreciated....thx...bp

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Cell phone boosters

Any product advice on a low-cost (around $100) 4G booster? This would be for the phone only, not interested in wi-fi hotspot.