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I am in the process looking for a laptop and this is what I need it for:- online banking- email- video calling with the grandchildren- enough storage to save the pictures of the grandchildren sent to us- online web browsingNot looking for something c...

Online storage

What's the best free online storage for just photos? Don't want to do effects and touch-ups (so I don't need all the glitz of Picasa). Don't want Google to OWN them (as claimed). Just want to store, share pics with friends, and some public, and be ab...

garmp by Explorer II
  • 15 replies

Dish Network.....How many ch can one record at one time?

Using the 211K receiver, how many channels can one record at one time on the additional hard drive? If only one at the time, can you set up many different recording times, as long as they don't overlap?Can you watch a channel and record another chann...

Jay_Pat by Explorer
  • 8 replies

Trouble replacing rear view camera monitor - any ideas?

I've got a 2004 Newmar Kountry Star with a ADTH monitor 12v, B&W. It's small and difficult to see so I decided to update the system. I purchased a Pyle Audio rear view camera(color) and 7" color monitor. The cable that came with the package is long e...

VuQube 2000 noisy

I just purchased a refurbished VuQube 2000. I set it up for the Dish HD Eastern Arc with locals which is 62.5, 72, and 77. Only 62.5 and 72 show on the switch test but I seem to have all channels and HD. My real concern is the fact the the VuCube is ...

Point and shoot camera recommendation.

Hi all, I'm looking for suggestions for a point and shoot camera.I am a student and environmental educator. I create a lot of original work online and in the form of technical papers. I currently use the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S3 which does a go...

Carry out GM 1518

I have Direct tv. My reciever is model H25 made 7/4/12.I understand I will not get HD channels with the Carryout GM-1518 but will I pick up standard channels with this combo or would I have to get a non HD reciever?If this combo works what if any set...

skyflyer by Explorer
  • 10 replies

CW does it again

Just now looked at CW on-line. The item I want for DW's Mother's day is available with "Internet only" savings of $4. Good deal but on check-out they added $9.00 for 14 day shipping or $14.00 for 7 day shipping!Great deal --NOT.

App for finding diesel

In case you're not already familiar wiht it, MapQuest has a free app for finding cheap gas prices that lets you specify the type of fuel you want, i.e. diesel. If you'd like to download it, search for "MapQuest gas prices" in the app store.After it i...

hobbssb by Explorer
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