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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Open Roads Forum

Frequently Asked Questions on the Open Roads Forum

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0. How Do I Get My RV.NET Stickers?

1. How to Decide on the Type of RV and Things to Consider

2. Checklists & Procedures

3. Weighing your RV & Weigh Stations

4. Hitches
4a. Fifth Wheel Hitches and Sliders

4b. Weight Distribution Hitches

5. Brake controllers

6. Tire Pressure

7. Dually Inflation

8. Valve Extenders

9. Tire Pressure Monitors

10. Air Compressors (often discussed under tire pressure)

11. Wal*Mart and Other Free Camping

12. Black Streaks and How to Remove Them

There is a Part II to the FAQ - please see the next posting. -LL
Lou Leopold
Between RVs at this point
but I continue to tent camp!

My husband & I are RVing across the US, coast to coast and everything in between. We stay in parks some of the time but often we are just driving to get to a new location. We tend to make our driving days in daylight so we don't miss a thing. So we spend a lot of nights in places that are just to have a place to park, eat and sleep.
We utilize the free parking in Walmart parking lots and have been pleased with the ease of use and secure environment. All of you RVers out there who use this service I have a suggestion; go in and buy what you can at the store where ycou spent the night. Then take a bit of time to drop a thank you note in the mail to the manager for allowing you to stay. I include the sales receipt in the note so the manager can see it is a win/win situation. The manager's name and address are at the top of every Wallmart receipt. Maybe if we all take the time to say thank you this wonderful free travel benefit will remain in place...and maybe the Walmart's who don't provide free overnight parking will see the light.

I have a 23 ft travel trailer (gvw 4360 lbs / gvwr 5500 lbs) I plan on towing it with my 2006 GMC 1/2 ton truck SLT 5.3 Eng. with the towing package, also installed in the truck are the trailer brake unit . I also have all the WDH installed for the truck and trailer and the truck is nice and level.
Im thinking my truck is able to handle 7000 to 7600 lbs

Im needing to know if this is a good tow for my truck or do i need to look into getting a larger truck?

Explorer II
Explorer II
According to Toyota, the 2016 RAV4 towing capacity is 1500 lbs.
This is the total capacity, so it would include the dry weight of the camping trailer as well as anything you put into it (food, clothes, liquids, etc).

As an example, the smallest Jayco pop-up camper is just over 1500 lbs with nothing in it. RPods are around 2500 lbs. The smallest Scamp is around 1200-1500 lbs.

Hey you guys, this is my first post. I don't know anything about RVing except that I want to do it. I'm purchasing a vehicle and I want to know if a RAV4 is enough to tow a small camper. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

I have a 2003 Infinity with a 37 ft ford chassis with a V10 motor, what type OBD SENSOR does it have. Or where ca I find out?

It all depends on the design of the trailer and the capabilities of the TV and hitch.

The general recommendation is that a TT should have fron 10% to 15% TW

How this came about is pretty simple. Most TTs NEED at least 10% TW to tow well. And most TVs and hitches won't be able to handle more than 15% TW.
The bottom 10% figure is pretty much set in stone. But the upper 15% figure can be gone over IF the TV and hitch are capable of it.

In fact the more TW, the better they will tow.

Many here are very concerned about TW as their TVs have a low limit in this area.

Another thought to ponder, is that TTs are different from most other trailers in that the TW can vary a lot in the course of a trip.

FW gets used and ends up in waste tanks. Food gets eaten and ends up there as well. Propane gets consummed and dissappears. Many other items can move around the TT as well.
This why I always caution those with a TV that can barely handle the 10% TW.
I have a stout truck and hitch, and like my TW heavy.

MY TT has four 42 gallon waste tanks.... Talk about some potential for weight moving around!
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Explorer III
Explorer III
Good new thread on how to determine what you can tow. Probably should go in 4b or 26.
How to Determine What You Can Tow
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Not towing now.
Former tow vehicles were 2016 Ram 2500 CTD, 2002 Ford F250, 7.3 PSD, 1997 Ram 2500 5.9 gas engine

quick question, where can i get the small map people have in their signature showing where they have been ? thanx in advance

my roof top a/c will run for a few hours then it just starts humming. i tried putting it to fan only and all it does is hum. i believe its a duratherm. any advice.thank you. adam

HELP..need OWNERS manual for 97 damon day break motorhome

Great thread!! Lots of timeless good information.
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As a newbee, was hoping for some newer stuff than 2002. Many of the posts have closed and could use updating. Would love to see some fresh stuff on TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions (Part III)

22. Sway Control

23. Preparing for Winter and Spring
23a. Winterizing

23b. De-winterizing

24. Truck Camper FAQ’s

25. Spray-in Truck Bed Lining

26. Other Good Things to Know About

27. Outside Reading/Links/Fun Stuff
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It is by no means all inclusive of all the discussions done on this forum. To maintain a true index is a daunting, if not impossible, task.

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Lou Leopold
Between RVs at this point
but I continue to tent camp!

Frequently Asked Questions (Part II)
13. Should I camp at Fort Wilderness and Other Disney Camping?

14. Camping Costs and Memberships

15. Engine Oil

16. Roadside Assistance Plans

17. Electrical, Batteries, Solar, and Generators

18. Mileage

19. Traveling with Propane On

20. Plumbing, Fresh Water, Holding Tanks, Toilet Paper and Dumping

21. Working with the Forum

There is a Part III to the FAQ - please see the next posting. -LL
Lou Leopold
Between RVs at this point
but I continue to tent camp!