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My 5th wheel shudders violently when towing.

I have a 2015 GMC 2500HD Crew Cab diesel with a B&W turnover ball hitch and a B&W companion hitch towing a 2006 Cedar Creek Silverback 29LRLBS (unloaded weight of 10,070 lbs. The hitch was installed by the dealer who I purchased the camper from and ...

Sled208 by Explorer
  • 26 replies

App for Propane Refill Prices in US

Has anyone found an APP that gives up to date propane refill prices by state, city, locality?If so please post.Note: Gas Buddy does not list propane prices. Neither do the websites for the large chains like Fly J/Pilot etc.Thanks

4X4Dodger by Explorer II
  • 17 replies

Black Tank Treatments - Yay or Nay?

This is two-part thread....I have been RV camping for most of my life. I can always remember my dad using the old blue liquid in the toilet after dumping the tanks. This what I did once I started camping with my family. How many of y'all use chemical...

chops1sc by Explorer II
  • 61 replies

Schwintek (Lippert) Slideout Motors

I have one Schwintek slide that's always been slow or hesitant, and has been repaired more than once, and now has yet another bad motor. Does anyone know if the existing 300:1 motors can be replaced by the more powerful 500:1 motors, without a rewire...

phillyg by Explorer II
  • 6 replies

Kia Soul as a dinghy

The 2019 Kia Soul Base with manual transmission has been listed as a possible dinghy tow vehicle. We went to a dealership to check it out. All the 2019's have been sold but they had a lot of 2020 models, including 3 with manual transmissions. Drov...

RVROSE by Explorer
  • 19 replies

Reserve America "Rainy Day" refunds

I just received an email from Reserve America promoting their new "Rainy Day Refund" program. For a small fee you can have your daily campsite rental fee refunded If it rains for all or portions of the day you have reserved. Apparently a company name...

docsouce by Explorer II
  • 2 replies

Any Return on Investment?

I just replaced my 6-year-old original trailer tires with new Goodyear Endurance tires. As we are preparing for an upcoming 6-week, 4000-mile trip, I discovered that my trailer brakes are in need of replacing. Since I'll have the thing in pieces alre...

Trip Routing with Google Maps?

I love Google Maps, but I'm looking for a feature that might not exist. Instead of entering in Point A and Point B as my destination, I'd like to enter Point A and then "500 miles from Point A" and have Google give me some options. ~ OR ~ Or I'd be h...

Champion Generator Troubleshooting

OK I have a Champion 3500/4000 Digital Generator. It worked perfectly for the first month or so but after not being used for a month (run dry for short term storage) it worked for one tank of fuel. After which I changed the oil and after that it was ...

agesilaus by Explorer III
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Resolved! I finally dared

Hi everyone! For years, I've dreamt of hitting the open road in an RV, exploring the country at my own pace. My husband, however, wasn't exactly on board with the idea. Well, life took an unexpected turn, and we ended up divorcing a few months ago (n...

Vinegar and baking soda in holding tanks?

Forgive me: Age-old subject beat to pieces! We have used strong vinegar to clean our holding tanks before and get gauges working. Have heard others mention using vinegar AND baking soda. We know how much vinegar to use, but how much baking soda? ...

Provider of emergency roadside services via text?

Good Sam has informed me that they do not provide emergency roadside service (ERS) via test messaging; one has to call via voice.;I am seeking an ERS provider that can provide ERS if I contact them via text/SMS. Anyone aware of one? The only one I've...

rob_g by Explorer
  • 24 replies