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I-5 bridge collapse

http://www.king5.com/news/local/Report-I-5-bridge-collapses-over-Skagit-River-cars-in-water-208758631.htmlSome campers might have to cancel their weekend trips after seeing this. It's going to be a nightmare trying to get all that I-5 traffic around...

RV Crash Safety & Illusions of Safety

Hello,I am new to this forum. I joined so that I could discuss RV safety or rather the illusion of safety. What brought me here was that I bought a Class C motorhome recently. After noticing that the dinette had seatbelts but that the dinette itself ...

WD front end is light

After a few trips and weights I feel I need to adjust more weight to the front. (actually drops 60 lbs in the front with TT) driving into the wind shifts the truck around in the lane quite a bit. Suspension has been upgraded with new ball joints and ...

Pool by Explorer
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Driving with Hazards On!

Please allow me to vent.A couple of days ago I had to drive in a toad strangler of a thunderstorm in South Florida. Visibility was bad and made it unsafe to drive more than 20 MPH.IT IS ILLEGAL AND UNSAFE TO DRIVE WITH HAZARD FLASHERS ON!!!It render...

Gau_8 by Explorer
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Blowout kills 2 RVers in Southern Utah

Sad, sad story here:Provo couple killed in St. George motor home crashThere are videos on how to control your rig in the event of a blowout. Never hurts to have another look at them.Be safe this weekend, everyone.

900 miles of Cicadas 1.5 inch and noisey East Coast US

Yes it's the invasion of the 17 year itch Cicadas which will be emerging with up to 1.5 million per acre from Georgia to New York mostley along the I-95 corridor. They will be making their mating calls and landing all over vehicles trees, you name it...

Stuck with Rude Neighbors Argh...

As I type this I am currently rocking out to heavy metal and base. No it is not my music it is our lovely neighbors music. Apparently it is payback for us reporting the awful sewer smell emanating from their leaking sewer hose. Very tempted to fight ...

tsetsaf by Explorer III
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Kudos to JustBlinds.com!

i purchased 2" Faux Wood Blinds for our fulltime fifthwheel 5 or 6 years ago to replace the forever breaking Day/Night shades that came with the unit. This year, while in Arizona, in an attempt to keep the unit cooler, I put up Reflectix foil on the...

Filtration System

Any advice on a water filter system? Either at the hookup or at the sink. I'm in a spot with a lot of iron.

Claiming a first come campsite

Curious as to what people do when they go to a first come first serve campground without formal registration. BLM for example states: "Camping equipment and/or a recreational vehicle is set up at the site to clearly indicate the site is taken."I don'...

Dual Receiver with 6" Drop??

In order to pack my bikes on our hitch I will need a 6" drop hitch with a dual receiver.Is there such a thing? My dinghy requires a 6" drop receiver.

Victim in bridge collapse was an RV'er!

"Dan Sligh was driving behind the 18-wheeler when he saw it strike one of the bridge's overhead support structures, and then saw the bridge give way.He slammed on the brakes, but the momentum of his pickup and camper trailer carried Sligh and his wif...

2000 Gulf Stream Voyager

A friend of mine is looking at a used Gulf Stream, I am not very familer at all with Gulf Stream. I know you need to see the specific MH to know if its in good shape, etc, I am just interested in how does Gulf Stream generally stack up compared to ot...

Fresh water tank

I tired to fill my fresh water tank in my Forest River Class C motor home 2008. While adding water to the tank it began running out of a plastic tube open to the outside of the rear of the RV.This is the first time I have tried to use the fresh water...

fgianni by Explorer
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