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Extinction of Fossil Fuels

Fact #1: RV'ers rely on propane.

Fact #2: Propane, as currently formulated, is a fossil fuel.

Fact #3: The fossil fuel industry is in the crosshairs of the climate change cult.

Opinion #1: If we sit back and watch it happen, we will soon be facing legislation that will make RV-ing, as we've known it, impossible, because all fossil fuels will be extinct.

If you don't believe me, just look at what we saw last week in terms of the trial balloon of making gas stoves extinct. You may think that particular issue just blew over, but here in New York State, our governor is seriously moving in that direction. With one-party rule here, I don't see anything that is going to stop her. Then, what will be her next target?

So -

Q#1: Is there anything we can do to protect our beloved RVing?

Q#2: If propane is no longer possible, what will power our RV's?

It's just Mrs. SpeakEasy and me now (empty-nesters). But we can choose from among 7 grandchildren to drag along with us!

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Aw man. I hate so much having to do this...

Personally, I'd love to foster this discussion and let it run, but I have to wear my Admin hat. This topic is political from the git-go and I have to close it.

Sorry folks.

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Non-issue. It'll take a loooong time for this particular sky to fall.
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Support your favorite industry lobbyists. That's their job to contact targeted politicians and make their opinions known. No matter what the industry, these people walk the halls of congress daily trying to bend whatever ears they can. Whether it's propane, (fossil fuels) fast food, or tobacco, THEY ARE ALREADY THERE!

Chum lee

From what I read, fewer than 10% of US adults (and more importantly zero% climate scientists) are still climate change deniers/fossil fuel proponents. It seems clear that RVers will need to eventually adapt to evolving energy use. My WAG is we'll be RVing much as we are for at least 10 or 15 years which should cover it for most of us. Relax.

Explorer III
Explorer III
JMO, but if they need a generator, they aren't electric only. Last time I checked generators don't run on electricity. 🙂
Howard and Peggy

"Don't Panic"

There are several, mostly high end, RV's on the market today that are electric only. Between solar panels and large battery banks, plus a suitable generator, they seem to manage quite well between park stops.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
What you say is so true, yet there is very little we can do about this except to vote, and hope the elected persons are smart enough to understand what is going on, and move in the right direction.
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also, no more campfires.