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First 3 months with a new GD Imagine, kind of long story

This is a review of our first three months as owners of a new GD Imagine 2500rl. This is our fourth TT.

Design wise. so far, we think we hit paydirt with the GD 2500rl. We looked at small class A's, and 5th wheels ( didn't really care for class C or B RVs ) but decided in the end the 2500rl would meet our needs and we could stay with a F150 ECO.

We also sold our 2013 F150 Eco CC 4x4 XLT and purchased a new 2018. Pretty much the same truck except it has Max towing Pkg., 10 speed, navigation, and more payload than the 2013. We have Michelin Defenders on the truck also.

Anyway, back to the review. We picked up our new 2500rl from Sonny's in Duncan SC on 11/14/18. We stayed overnight the night before in a motel in order to do a thorough PDI the morning of pickup. Everything checked out, a few minor adjustments, and we were on our way.
We had a trip planned to the Keys starting 12/15 so we had a lot of work to do to get everthing switched from the last TT.

Around 11/20 we noticed the Frig would not work on LP. We called the Dealer and they walked me through some troubleshooting which did not work. Since time was a factor, and I had asked for a mobile repair guy to be approved and they recommended I call GD. I spoke with Jerry Weaver at GD and he immediately authorized Billy's Camper and RV Repair to come out. Of course, when Billy came out there appeared to be air in the LP lines and the the frig worked. Well, overnight it quit again and Billy came back out. Frig would not work. He called Dometic and it was determined there was AC ripple on the DC side. Basically the WFCO converter had died and taken the frig control board with it. Dometic agreed to send a control board, not under warranty due to the converter causing the issue. We called GD and they sent out a new converter right away.

By Dec 5th we had the new converter and Billy installed it and the new frig board. Good to go. Not so fast, next day I decided to check everything again and now the HWH would not light on LP. I called Billy again. He determined that the HWH board was now bad ( had worked before ). I called GD design again and they agreed to send me a HWH control board. Billy had shown me how to install the board and I got that done and we were all set. Everything was working! I paid Billy and sent his bill to GD for reimbursement.

Our trip to Florida was great! We were gone for 2 months. At first I was very paranoid waiting for something else to die but managed to get over it. We did have some issues. 1- The frig at first only wanted to work on LP for a few hours, then quit. ( We didn't need it on LP except traveling ). Later it seemed to be working normally. On the travel days home over several days it worked fine. 2- The plugs were not removed from the bottom of our rear window so it leaked till we figured that one out. 3- The p trap connection to the kitchen sink broke and was leaking. Could not find the right parts so we Gorilla taped it till we got home. After we returned GD shipped us the parts for me to put on. 4- A few little trim issues which I can deal with myself.

Considering our bumpy start everything turned out great, although a bit stressful before leaving. GD was very easy to work with. They never questioned doing the right thing for us. They have reimbursed us our $$ and we are happy campers. Hopefully we have the bugs all worked out. We love the layout and function of the 2500RL. Huge outside pass thru storage. Big awning ( love it is black underneath ), nice roomy bath, and comfy recliners. I've had some health issues recently but hopefully we can get out soon and give it another test run.

BTW, The 2500RL towed great behind the F150. We towed several days with some really strong crosswinds and had no problems. 30 MPH crosswind on the 7 mile bridge was a real test, had me concerned. We just slowed down a bit and everything was fine. Sorry this was so long but thought some folks might find it interesting.

I have to say GD will stand behind their product if it's a design flaw too. We have a 2016 Solitude. Had problems with WFCO inverter which has a two yr warranty. It was just out of warranty so we had to pay for it. To make a long story short, just recently found a soft spot in the storage area. A unsealed screw in the hatch door flange. Didn't think it was covered under warranty, got it fixed. Sent email with pictures and copy of the bill. Imagin my surprise when I recieved an email from GD stating that it was a design flaw and they would pay for it.
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Yet another story of how GD stands behind their products and offers tremendous customer service. Even though the problems you experienced with the fridge and WH are related to components common to all RV manufacturers, GD didn't hesitate to take care of it.

Last time out, our WH failed to work. After all troubleshooting efforts failed, I contacted GD and described the issue. They said 90% of the time its the control board. Within 2 days, I had a new one shipped to my door. Replaced it and all is well. Our decision to go with GD continually appears to be a good one.
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wski, That was a concern for me also. We looked at 2 floorplans, the 2500rl and 2600rb. Both have pros / cons.

On the 2500rl you have 2 doors so access to bedroom / bath no problem with slide in. Also, the frig can be opened ( maybe 1/2 way ) and used although the doors will not fully open.

Not positive but I think with the 2600rb you cannot access the bedroom with the slide in.

Love your review of the GD 2500RL and wish you many years of quality time in it. Looking at the floor plan of the 2500RL and wondering if you are limited on access with the slide in?