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Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos

Another member suggested a new forum section with new products but it doesn't look like it will be feasible. So I thought I would post this here under General RVing Issues. If enough people post (even if you have mentioned it before in another post) we can keep it near the top?

Do you have a handy hint, a new product or an old product that makes your RVing or Camping much better?

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I'll start:

Someone in the Camping Van posted a reference to using a Super-Chamois to wipe down their shower. I have been using an icky old thick sponge and I like the chamois idea so much more.

Now I want to hear what works for you
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RE: The runner creeping
Sometimes the shelf liner people have referred to in other posts will stop the creeping. It worked for me in my stick house for the bathroom rugs on vinyl. There are pads out there for carpet on carpet. Try Bed Bath and Beyond, Linens and Things or a similar store.

Here's my pet peeve my DH is going to tackle. The heating vents are on the floor of our 5th wheel. I hate it when stuff falls through the grate and you can see it laying on the bottom. The vacuum cleaner won't suck it out and I even have a Dirt Devil with a narrow attachment. My DH just bought a roll of screen and is going to line one of the grates to see if it will help. Does anyone have another solution?

I love this thread.

Cinderella wrote:
Enjoyed reading everyone's tips. Does anyone know how to keep a runner rug which I've put down on the carpet in our fiver from creeping up. Not sure how to keep it laying flat.

I believe a creeping rug is one of life's little trials and tribulations.... I have tried for years to find something.... to no avail. My DH threatens to nail them down. :B I hope someone comes up with a solution to this one :B
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Enjoyed reading everyone's tips. Does anyone know how to keep a runner rug which I've put down on the carpet in our fiver from creeping up. Not sure how to keep it laying flat.

In my shower I installed one of those hangers like they have in hotel showers and baths. You install one end on each side of the shower. These are the ones that have a string that comes out one end, hooks on the other side and then locks. When not in use, it takes up zero space.
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Lindylu wrote:
Rubbermaid storage bins in basement - one for sewer connections, another for water hoses, smaller containers for cables, adapters, cleaners, etc. Really keeps the area neat and organized.

We love our Rubbermaid containers as well. We found some that stack in our basement just perfectly! Leaves just enough room for our folding table, ladder, tripod stabilizer, and a couple other things too big to carry elsewhere.
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1. We use a collapsible lined canvas water bowl and carry a used water bottle to give the dog drinks when we are driving down the hiway.

2. Rubbermaid storage bins in basement - one for sewer connections, another for water hoses, smaller containers for cables, adapters, cleaners, etc. Really keeps the area neat and organized.

Love this, I hope they can keep it going, this is just what I was hoping for!

My DH and I have been campers off and on for 36 years, (mainly tents) but have had a rv for about five years. We liked it but was just too small when we wanted to take Grandchildren with us so we didn't use it much. We just upgraded to a larger and more modern one and now we just can't wait to take it out every chance we get!!But since we didn't use the other one much we are still pretty much newbies. We want to get as many hints as we can because in about 7 years we are thinking of upgrading permantly and making it our home and lifestyle, that is if gas prices don't destroy the dream!

Thanks for already giving me at least 100 new ideas.


For the newbies or the few who don't know this keep your rack in your microwave from rattling down the road, use an empty paper towel tube, cut and wedge in between rack and top or between rack and revolving tray, you'll not hear from it again, and those non slip shelf liners, I cut and place between glass bowls to keep them from rattling also

That grippy shelf liner comes in those large bolts like fabric and can be bought at fabric stores. It is usually way cheaper than buying the individual little rolls plus it can be cut to fit exactly your wider spaces. A recent find for me while shopping at a dollar store was an over-the-door 4 hook hanger thingy for $1.50. I use it to hang towels on since there are no rods in my 5er. Originally I bought it to hang over the outside of the toilet room door but found it happens to fit perfectly over one of the glass side panels of the neo-angle shower in my 5er and is out of the way.

Yes, that aerated foam padding is standard; it comes in rolls like shelf paper, in lots of colors. It's great not only for shelves, but also on the tabletop and for anything that you want to keep in place, like stacked boxes or knicknacks on shelves. I've seen it applied to the back cover of a big fat Woodall's Campground Guide! For heavier knicknacks, use Museum Putty or Earthquake Putty.

Love the tips in here, very useful to us RV newbies.

We are new to the RV scene just having purchased our first RV as of yesterday. One of the things the previous owners did to the RV we purchased, (Class C 29' Winnie Minnie), which I thought was brillant was place carpet pad, the thin sticky kind that is perforated, in all the cabinets. Everthing stays in place while traveling, protects the interior of the cabinets and is not unattractive if done neatly.

This may be a RV standard, but again we are newbies.

We bought an Atomic clock. It has the time,day,date and temperature.
Say a fella loses track of the date and stays a day longer than was scheduled. Now that fella has a reference hanging on the wall.Memory Foam Matresses are great. Cut angles on 2 4x4s and bought one 3/4-2' pipe and pipe vice for a wheel chock. (Awesome) cleaning solution for $1 at the Dollar Tree excellent for black streaks. Watts water pressure reducer, adjustable and I set to 40psi, much better than the cheap one I bought from Walmart. Took the pressure reducing washers out of each faucet head and shower head, finally have decent pressure,they are a plastic disk with a small hole in the center. Whirley Pop pop corn maker, has a crank in the handle that stirs the popcorn kernels as they pop. Silicon Trivit for hot pots. Table cloth clamps. Small folding plastic table fits nicely between the outside chairs.Well, thats about it. Thanks for the other ideas.
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I use a folding laundry rack instead of a clothes line. I camp in a HTT and it fits under the bunk so stays dry even if it rains. Put some of those Command Adhesive hooks up around shower to hang wet items on. Surface of Shower surround isn't smooth so I can't use suction cups.
Keep extra plastic garbage bags in bottom of can. Saves time when emptying, I do this at home too.
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Some have asked for more information on the T-connection for the toilet sprayer. Here is what I have done. My toilet has a water line that feeds up through the floor to the back of the toilet. I cut the water line that feeds into the back of the toilet. I used plastic fittings that I put together to accommodate the different inside dimensions of the water line to the toilet and the water line used for the sprayer. I just used a water line for the sink sprayer and made it fit. I used hose clamps to secure each connection. So far, I have had no leaks. I put a stick-up, large hanger on the wall behind the toilet to hold the sprayer. The hanger just sticks to the wall and is strong enough to hold. I hope this answers your questions. Happy Trails...
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Here's a few quick ideas:

When I am peeling veggies, I peel them directly into a disposable bag then tie it up and throw the whole thing into my main garbage. No peels to pick up and the bag within a bag helps to keep the smell down until the main garbage is full.

I leave a bowl of water with a tiny amount of bleach in it outside our camper door so folks aren't running in and out to wash their hands. Paper towels are put directly into the fire for later burning.

One more: My MIL taught me to control the TP going down into the black tank by putting a bag in the bathroom for used "yellow" TP. Empty the bag often (of course); no smell and you would be surprised how much TP will be removed without going through the black tank. She came up with this after a nasty incident with TP stuck inside the black tank on the sensor.

I am getting some very good ideas from this thread; let's keep it going!
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