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Information Discussion for Gate Guards

Thought I'd start a new topic for Gate Guards to use for comments. Like the moderator suggested-keep technical stuff, recipes, mechanical, etc. where they belong. Lets hear from everyone sucking down that caliche dust.
Mark Bass
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Will arrive at the Whitsett Tx GGS yard tomorrow and hope to get a gate by the first of the week (if not before). We are rookies and looking forward to the experience. We have been following several blogs and have asked for and received help from some of you. Thanks!
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No complaint here, as we are off a paved road and the company has a water truck come in daily to water the road to the site and the work areas near us. Still only working 10/hr days, but may go 24/7 in a couple of weeks. No salesmen visit this site, darn it, no freebies this winter...:B.. Will be at this gate till at least 3/12 and maybe longer.

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Where the wheels are stopped today

Our present location is not nearly as dusty as some of our previous locations. We are out farther from the heavily traveled roads. Hardly any traffic goes by us and we have had very few sales people out here.
Our next location will be off a black top road..maybe not much dust there also.