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License plate location ?

hi, I just bought a new 2019 camper, graywolf 20rdse, and I noticed that the license plate mount under the tail light is on the passenger side.
I have looked up other graywolf campers and they are on the left or the right, so what side is it suppose to be on, the ones I had in the past were on the drivers side, so does it mater ?

2019 Cherokee Grey Wolf 20RDSE

valhalla360 wrote:
If it really bothers you, google your state vehicle code. It has details on what is required.

Best answer!
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Thanks everyone

Nomad III
Nomad III
I know the snow hasn’t melted up der eh, but look for something else to cure your cabin fever. No problem to solve here.
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Yes. Plastic tap for mounting the license broke one time and I lost the plate. Second time one tab broke and license was dangling on the other. I used two hose clamps and mounted it to the ladder. I do not have a light shining on it at night but I never drive at night.
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Explorer III
Explorer III
rk911 wrote:
display the plate unobstructed in the space provided.

The side does not matter. As RK said it has to be clearly visible.
Right. left, center. low high.. Does not matter (well not too high)
SO long as a cop 500 feet behind you can read the plate. IT has to be LIT at night. so many tail lights have a clear "Window" in the bottom of the assembly and a license plate mount under the window. Others will have a light dedicated to the plate (My RV does)

Had a ton of fun last summer.. Blew a few fuses. one was that lamp. (And others on the circuit).
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Explorer III
Explorer III
Mine is on the right side. The ladder is on the left side. Never a problem in 15 years.:)
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Doesn't matter where it is. Must be mounted horizontally on the rear of the vehicle and lit when it is dark. The plates are read automatically by a trailing police vehicle and the scanner will find it, wherever it is.

Explorer II
Explorer II
I would visit multiple dealers in multiple states to check real life locations. As I'm sure that you are aware ad agencies often reverse pics as the ad layout requires for best presentation negating your research on the matter.
You're kidding, right?
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Explorer II
Explorer II
The plate mounting tabs are usually molded into the base of the light fixture itself, which is the cheapest obtainable, and at some point will probably break off given enough time. What side it is on depends on who installed it more than what side the manufacturer intended for it to be installed. Isaiah Yoder may have put them on the right on Tuesday, but Levi Beiler may have slapped them on the left on Wednesday. Typically the light is just part of the cover / lens and interchangeable between the two.
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Nomad III
Nomad III
If it really bothers you, google your state vehicle code. It has details on what is required.

But 99.9999% chance it's fine, it's legal and no one will ever question it.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
The plate goes under whichever taillight has the license plate light shining out from it. If they both do and both offer an unobstructed view of the plate, I don't think it really matters which side it goes on...but I believe typically only one trailer taillight is equipped with the plate light.

display the plate unobstructed in the space provided.
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