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Rank your RV issues

Rank your most encountered RV issues.
Ours have been:
1. Water leak on/at roof
2. Slide issues
3. Tire flats
4. Converter failure

Explorer III
Explorer III
Don't know where to begin with this one. I don't think I ever made a trip without something failing or needing to be fixed. Front end failures were the biggest problem and the largest cost of ownership. Autopark system was the next most problematic, green switch failed at least 4 times once at 60 mph and always on a trip. Exhaust manifolds cracked and engine over heated. Thorley headers fixed that and added 80 more HP and a cooler running engine. Radiator is original. Everything else circuit boards for refer, WH, HWH jacks, HYD line bursting, door lock failures, fuel pump failure, genset problems, I just consider normal for a 27 year old MH with 124,000 miles of travel. What I consider good on the MH is the cable slide which has never given me a problem. Refer is original and still cools well with a new burner tube and board. Jacks still have original seals and square return springs, only maintenance is silicone spay on shafts every other year or so when they return slow. Rubber roof has never leaked, caulked every year and coated twice. Steps are original and still work after a relay replacement in the control board. Both roof top AC's still work with just normal cleaning. Never touched the propane heater and it still works. Awning blew off in 40 mph cross winds in Wyoming. Slide topper as well as window awnings are all original. 2 6V Sams Club batteries are 16 years old and still read 50 % SOC or more after 7 days of dry camping. All in all, I think the near trouble-free systems outweighs the bad systems.

I had a floor failing on my 99 thor TT which I did a reconstruction.
Last year I had some brake issues with my present Jayco that set me back a few $$$. Not direct RV related, but had nuisance issues with a rusting reciever hitch on my past Tacoma

2022 F-150 3.5 EcoBoost 4X4 Supercrew GCWR 19,500 157WB
Payload 2476 Maxtow 13,800 3.73 Equalizer 4 Pt Sway Hitch
2017 Jayco Jay Flight 24RBS
Old TV, 07 Toyota Tacoma, Double Cab, Factory Tow Pkg, retired towing at 229K. (Son now owns truck)

I have a 1993 Travel Trailer. The refrigerator died last year but, at that age I'm not complaining . Truthfully, the only problem I've had is a leak in the rubber roof. This has been going on for 5 years. I've tried fixing it the right way 3 0r 4 times, that didn't work. I took it to the nearest dealer 70 miles away and they tried to fix it the right way. (But, quite frankly they looked at me funny becasue I was trying to fix such a old camper), that didn't work. My girlfriend and I gave up on the fancy Dicor stuff and just started stuffing Silicone Calk everywhere, that hasn't worked either. I just leave the one ceiling speaker out and when it rains I put a bucket under it to catch the water. I did get a lead on a place 50 miles from me that I might take it to and see if he has any ideas.
1993 Cobra Sunrise, 20 foot Travel Trailer.

Explorer II
Explorer II
Wow...Reading some of these responses makes me feel...Really, really lucky, haha.

Sooo, thinking back over the last 23 years of RVing, and the 5 RVs we've owned in that time - one popup, two trailers, and two Motorhomes, here is all I can think of (strictly talking about RV mechanical failures/repairs. I am not including regular maintenance, issues dealing with other campers, getting reservations, or any stuff like that):

1. Power step motor failures - These are the most common occurrence. Failed twice on old Motorhome over course of 9 years and had to be replaced. Has already failed and been replaced on current Motorhome that is just 2 years old. Now, I carry a spare motor for these steps, as these motors fail often.

2. Awnings - Spring assembly broke on manual awning on RV trailer we used to have (Thor Citation), had to be replaced. Motor on power awning on the Georgetown Motorhome failed once and had to be replaced.

3. Hydraulic jacks - Hydraulic jack motor failed on Georgetown RV once and had to be replaced.

4. Water heater solenoid switch failed once on Georgetown Motorhome, had to be replaced.

5. Air conditioner thermostat on Citation trailer had to be replaced. Also, Georgetown motorhome in last year or two we owned it started spewing tiny bits of styrofoam insulation out the vents when Air conditioner was running. More less resolved that one with a bunch of AC ducting tape in several places in the duct work.

6. LP gas/CO detector - Due to it being located in a bad place right outside bathroom door, it went off constantly (false alarms) due to ex-wife's excessive use of hair spray and other aerosol products in the bathroom. Had to be replaced a total of 3 different times because of this (once aerosol gets on sensors, it would go off randomly whenever, and there is/was no way to clean it off or fix this).

7. LP gas tank - Wire going to shutoff switch on LP gas tank was stretched too tight at factory and just barely reached the switch (more shoddy workmanship), one day wire broke as a result, shutting off gas to entire RV (Georgetown Motorhome). Ended up installing new gas line to fix that, removing the shutoff valve completely.

8. Slideouts - power cable glide for slideout on Georgetown would get jammed, had to be manually pulled on while slide was going out to keep it from getting stuck and doing damage. Never resolved that one, just worked around it by manually pulling on cord while slide came out. Had another issue where wood finish pieces around top of slideout buckled a little and started dragging, catching when slideout was brought in and out. Had to take whole trim piece off, re-inforce wood framing behind it to correct that one (shoddy workmanship).

9. Tires - Twice, I had to replace a tire on the Georgetown Motorhome due to damage to the tire. Once, was when it caught a nail too close to the sidewall to patch, other one was self-inflicted stupidity on my part when inner dually tire lost too much air through faulty valve I was using, resulting in it blowing out (no other damage).

10. Roof - Georgetown Motorhome started leaking a little during heavy rains in one corner up front. Fixed that with some caulking up on the roof in that corner. Same thing happened along one edge of the slideout, where during heavy rain and wind, water was getting up under the slideout topper and causing small leak. Caulk fixed that one, too.

11. Hitch receiver issue - On previous Georgetown Motorhome, noticed one day that frame extensions that hitch receiver was attached to was buckling and bending slightly due to poor workmanship at factory when attaching on frame extensions. Had to take it to a welding shop, where they removed the receiver, re-welded on frame extensions making much stronger, and reattached hitch reciever using much more stout hardware.

Thats about all I can think of, remember right now.
Will and Cheryl
2021 Newmar Baystar 3014 on F53 (7.3 V8) Chassis ("Brook")
2018 Jeep Wrangler JK ("Wilbur")

Tired ol engine and transmission.
Rebuilt both this year.
I do all my own work.
On a scale of 0-10, maybe an 11. GRIN

95 Bounder 32H F53 460
2013 CRV Toad
2 Segways in Toad
First brake job
1941 Hudson

Crappy quality

Slide Issues
Fresh water and sewer water access in same bely compartment
Hole for sewer hose waaay out of line from discharge pipe
Awning edge directly above door
2 belly compartment doors under slides hinge on top
Bath fan too small & slow
Cheapo SS sinks get rust spots even after drying them off

Explorer II
Explorer II
With new lithiumn batteries, I have no issues on a 2012 Rockwood ultra lite. The one exception is a water filter housing that cracked. I am taking out the filter, since we don't drink out of the main water tank.

In the past, I have had issues with furnaces, AC and refirs on older rigs. Most were easily repaired. Bad cable on a pop up once a long time ago.

Explorer III
Explorer III
When ours was brand new we had recurring leaks in the plumbing. The dealer just kept tightening the connections. I finally made them take the entire joints apart and redo the connections from scratch (way up behind cabinets). That fixed it.

Replaced a power converter. Cabinet hardware needs continual retightening or replace the wood screws. That is not a big deal. Checking them is part of the seasonal maintenance.

The sewer hose storage in the bumper was not usuable, welded too close to frame members to access the end cap. Added a separate sewer hose carrier under the rig.

Replaced a couple running lights. Added a couple exterior area lights. Added several shelves inside. This week moved the cell phone booster to a new location. All in all, no major complaints. We're happy with the rig.
So many campsites, so little time...

20 years with the same Forest River Surveyor...

The only "issue" we've had with regarding build quality was the U-shaped dinette table, that drops to make a bed, was not sturdy - so I added a folding leg. And I added a couple shelves in the clothes "hanging" closet.

That's it.

Now we have age issues, such as soft floor and some bubbling / delaminating, but I call those age and use issues, not due to construction - and the camper is fully functional.

We are looking to buy a new one, hopefully next year. We can only hope the quality is as good as the one we have had!
2021 F150 2.7
2004 21' Forest River Surveyor

Hmmm issues in order eh..

#1 issue is work done by supposed rv techs at the dealership.
#2 weird round spots popping off gel coat in a certain area..
#3 auto transfer switch failure.
2014 F350 6.7 Platinum
2016 Cougar 330RBK
1991 Slumberqueen WS100

Navigator II
Navigator II
More issues with black tank than anything else. First one split stem to stern dumping the contents on the ground. Replacement has had two leaks in the cleanout sprayer and three valves needing to be rebuilt/replaced.

Second on the list it a roof leak. I spotted it as a patch of bumps like BB's under the TPO but before it stained the interior. Had to cut the roof open to dry out and use copious amounts of Eternabond to seal it back up.
2001 Suburban 4x4. 6.0L, 4.10 3/4 ton **** 2005 Jayco Jay Flight 27BH **** 1986 Coleman Columbia Popup

Over 20 years for us with 7 different trailers: bumbper pull X 4 and now on our 3rd fifth wheel, I won't go previous to the tent era.
Lots of simple issues from dead batteries, light bulbs, black tank valve, slide issue, tire, awning, etc. big deal was bent springs, and as recently as this week, A/C blew its factory charge crimp. Installed a valve and up and running. Ours, some of becasue of weather and life, But all in all lots of ours have been normal. Knock on wood, if there is real wood anywhere, never had to replace anything major. How many issues are due to lack of maintenance or non use due to storage: HMMMMM

Explorer II
Explorer II
Mice, my previous Forrest River Solera had a super highway open underneath that allowed them to get inside our cabinets. Poop and pee all over out pots and pans. I crawled all under the rig and finally spotted where they failed to foam fill one 2x2 area. I stuffed it with copper mesh and sprayed a liberal amount of black foam in there. No more mice in the passenger area. But the MB Sprinter chassis diesel left a nice path for them to build a huge nest in the engine air inlet. They also chewed a few wires under the hood.

So we built a building and parked it inside. No more mice issues.

Other than that, things have been pretty good over our 9 years of camper ownership.
2022 Ram Laramie 5500 60" CA New pic soon
2018 Arctic Fox 1140 Dry Bath
Sold 2019 Ford F450 King Ranch (was a very nice truck)