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FDA lists brands of dog food linked to DCM

Link to FDA

Lots of good info there, including the dog food brands that have been most commonly linked to reported cases of DCM, and info on affected breeds.
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I have seen a couple different news announcements of this in the last couple of days. Our dog's food is wheat, corn, soy free, but not totally grain free and I didn't see any of the filler potatoes, peas, legumes listed. I'll be watching for any additional information about this though.

I'm glad this was posted here. We had an initial diagnoses that our 11 year old Wire Fox had DCM. I quickly jumped into this issue and learned as much as I could. The X-Rays showed an enlarged heart, no murmur was detected but we'd taken him initially with what we thought was kennel cough.

We had been feeding all 3 of our dogs Pure Vita grain free Duck & Green Lentils, as our oldest Wire Fox had allergies and chicken and some grains appear to be the issue. We just lost our 14 yo Golden but that was unrelated to the DCM. But with a puppy in the mix I began researching getting them off the Pure Vita. We began a slow transition to a Purine Pro Plan diet.

Eventaully we took our DCM diagnosed Wire Fox to WSU Veterinary Hospital for an Echo as the last X-Ray showed his heart had increased more in size. The staff were concerned it could be DCM as well. Low and behold his heart is just fine. The X-Rays were wrong. Thankfully! They did encourage us to move away from the food we were feeding. They did identify he has a small trachea and that may have been contributing to his cough.

Several Universities have been collecting data and encouraging owners to share with the FDA once they get a diagnosis. There is some good info ff you want to learn more about this in the Facebood group called, Taurine-Deficient (Nutritional) Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

These are the current brands that meet the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) standards; Purina Pro Plan, Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, and Iams.

The good news is that some of the mainstream media is finally picking up on this and running stories. It's still to early to tell, but education is key.

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Thanks for posting this (you beat me to it).

For those of you who have not or will not read it, the summary is:

Grain free foods are associated with cardiomyopathy...

Large breed dogs are more commonly affected (Golden Retrievers are the most common breed represented)…

Peas and legumes are over represented ingredients...

We still don't know the causes, but there could be a genetic predisposition...

CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN if you see any symptoms of heart disease. I suggest you do this anyway for dietary suggestions. Ads on TV, internet and discussions may not be your best source of info...

My own personal opinion is that "grain free" foods probably are not the best choice (regardless of brand) unless there is a specific dietary reason (allergy or sensitivity).

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Explorer III
Good idea to get this info out there, as it doesn't seem to have made the news.
Our vet told me about this a couple of months ago when we were discussing high protein levels that showed up in my elderly dog's blood test. End result was the premium food we had switched to was the cause. Went back to an "average" food and things returned to normal. What we need to remember is dogs are designed to be scavengers and eat everything they can catch / find, so unless your vet tells you your dog needs to be "grain free" or on something special, feed them normal food.