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Popular Pet Topics and FAQ's

THIS is a collection of links to popular websites and informative topics posted in the RVing Pet Health Forum. New members may find it useful to see if a topic has already been posted before starting a new one. This is not to discourage new posts as conditions and situations differ for individuals.
Websites pet supplies and related pet accessories, products & services pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, small pets. Expert advice for care of a pet Adopt a pet dog or cat from animal welfare organizations
American Kennel Club
Canadian Kennel Club
U.S.Customs and Border Protection
Canadian Food Inspection Agency Fact Sheet
ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
ASPA Animal Poison Control Center Dog-Friendly Campgrounds Several categories of where a dog is welcome
Pet Safety Decals
Cope with losing a pet
Pet Transport Groups

Special Interest
A very old stray (Old Fella story)
Your memorable rescue stories....
Waiting At The Rainbow Bridge (a pet obituary topic, no personal replies please.....)

Choosing a Pet
Looking for the right dog for us
A Little dog!!!
Recognizing an Unethical Breeder Dog Adoption
Picking a breeder, sorry long

Pet Names
looking for a little help with a name..........
Why did you name your pet that?
Cats Name

Pet Feeding
What ARE we feeding our RV pets? Automatic cat food feeders
Diamond Dog Food Products
Really want to get confused about dog food ingredients?
Doggie treats
Another dog food recall (Arkansas-based Simmons Pet Food Company)

Pet Training
Getting my Golden Retriever to "Drop It"
Re: Leaving dog alone in camper Where do you put your litterbox?
"Dog Whisperer" program on National Geographic
What kind of collar do you use?
Therapy dogs
Nervous dog in thunderstorms
Keeping pets on leashes Biting strangers

Pet Medical
Our Kuvasz has bone cancer - the last update
looking for a walking assistive device for my poodle...
When to Have our Dog Put Down?
Brichon itching problem
Lymne Disease Moss has Canine Vestibular Disease Flea/Tick Topical Applications
Sammi the pup has panosteitis RAINBOW BRIDGE/CAR SICK Rabies shots
What to do with a deaf puppy?
FEMALE dogs and Incontinence
DeWorming your Dog?
Food allergies & skin problems
declawing a cat

Traveling with Pets
Great dog for traveling with
Boarding pets
Best source for Dog friendly motels?
Finding Vet on the Road
travelling over border with new dog
Dog Licensing when you are fulltiming
Taking an older cat camping for the first time
Traveling with dog in TT?
Dogs inside Trailer when towing?
Dog with Travel Anxiety
Are I.D. tags a must?

Reading Material
The world's worst dog... A Dogs Prayer
Marley and Me Dogs vs. Cats - Joke - LMAO
"I am your cat" author unknown Dog quotes ... well ... people quotes about dogs.

Miscellaneous Coyotes
just a reminder to pet owners
Dog = $38,000 over 10 years ???? pet enclosures
Invisible Fencing Dog Friendly Eateries
Camping or Rving Pet Dangers...
"Rescue Us" Pet Stickers Longest lived pet
Dogs, concept of time

Temperature Sensor setup

The above were chosen on the basis of number of views and replies as well as subject matter. Click on "Notify Moderator" at the top right of the first post of a topic to suggest one to be added.

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