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Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

sue.t wrote:
I'm wondering if we should also have a sticky that lets us post obituaries & pics of our dearly departed pets? Maybe a "Rainbow Bridge" sticky? It would be sad and happy. It is very sad when a pet dies. And many of us tell the rest of the group when one of our pets does die. Telling others is one way to grieve. There have been a number of posts lately about dear pets that have died. And the stories are very difficult to read. And yes, our heart tugs with every tale.

A thread that would let us tell of our pet, and post a picture, would be a way to memorialize the RV pets that have travelled to the other side.
Simple ground rules.
1. Posts are limited to individual pet "obituaries" and no personal replies please as they will be deleted without explanation.

2. Pictures exceeding 640 pixels width or 480 pixels in height will be edited to comply within those dimensions.

if you have any questions, free to send me a private message


The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

The above in a Rainbow Bridge "flash" movie
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Deceased 2/28/08 RIP
243 REPLIES 243

Our precious Bootie...9/26/90 came into this world on this day and gave us happines until 1/19/2002. See you at the bridge precious boy.

Kim & Donna Hale
2009 Monaco Camelot
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Suki & Mayla- 2 spoiled pekingese
Our precious Mika ( at the Rainbow Bridge)
Hook'em Horns

Here is our most current loss.............. Miss him very much, One of our certified therapy dogs.

This was his wife we lost several years back. We still have there puppies that carry on there spirit.

And my wife's baby.

Our sweet Buddy

Never forget them ! Always in our hearts.........
1982 Ford Heritage

I wish I could show you a picture of Spotsy. After ten years of unconditional love and companionship, I had to make the hardest decision of my life. She developed a cardiac defect that led quickly to heart and kidney failure. She was a beautiful dalmatian that could charm anyone, and still protected our family with a fury that none would challenge.

Our trailer could not leave the drive without her in her chosen seat just behind me with her head on my shoulder, ever looking ahead to adventure. We saw her first when she was three days old, and brought her home at seven weeks. She had perfected the dalmatian "grin" and would greet me each day when I returned from work with a wagging tail, a whistle through her nose, and a big grin.

It has been several weeks since we said goodbye, yet I still hear her at night by the bed, and look around expecting to see her when the popcorn is ready. I never knew I could miss a dog this much.

From the first post on this website my signature has included her. And so it shall continue, but with a slight edit
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One wife, one boy, one girl

Rusty August 19/97 to August 3/06

Rusty was a trooper who battled epilepsy through most of his life and in January fought back from a stroke even though the vet thought he wouldn't survive. We knew every day he lived from then was a bonus but the drugs he was taking to control his seizures finally took their toll and his liver gave out. With great sadness we said our goodbyes and let him slip away while we held him. Rusty was a small dog with a big heart and loving character and we were fortunate enough to have him in our lives. Enjoy your time at the Rainbow Bridge and know we will be a family again.
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I’m not sick anymore. I live in a beautiful little box, at home now with my Mom and my Dad. I told my Mom not to be sad, because I am happy now and I will always be with her… in every blade of grass and every flower. I will be in the summer breeze and the spring rain. She will feel me in the crisp air of a winter night and the fog rolling across the park in the morning. She will see me in the sunlight on the floor, and hear my voice when all is quiet and still. I am in all the memories of our years together. I am free from all pain and will never die again.
Bonnie Jo Palmer September 9th, 1995 - July 10th, 2006

Larry & Patty Palmer with Bonnie Jo
Camarillo, CA
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This is our Conan. Found at 8weeks from a man who was only breeding for money. He was a little thing just swarming with flees. Wiggling around our feet wanting to be picked up. Who could resist such a dirty happy boy. So, I gave the man his money and took the dog and ran. He had generalized demodetic mange (nearly died from the dips), a luxating patella (a knee that slipped in and out of joint all the time) that cause him great pain. And a lousy digestive system. But he had the biggest heart and the greatest will to live. We got him all fixed up and he turned out to be our Energizer Bunny. So much so that we had to get him his OWN pet. His pet "Miss Murphy Brown" was an 8 week old Boston and from the time they met they were bonded. They were funny and silly and Conan protected her and me. He was Uncle to Cavalier babies to the point they grew up thinking they were Boston Terriers. He taught them all about playing and doing the Boston Terrier 500. Right up until then end, he would still play tug of war with anyone waving a toy in his face. He had only one eye and the other eye had a cataract in it, but it didn't stop him. His rear end was failing him, but it didn't stop him from playing his favorite the ball. Right up to the end food was his favorite thing. That and scratches. If you stopped scratching him he would nudge you to keep going. He has left a HUGE void in our home. We miss him so much. Not an hour goes by where we don't look for him and realize he has passed on. He was 11 1/2, but was too young to be taken from us. Our hearts are hurting, but we know he is waiting for us...young and pain free with a ball in his mouth....eternally our Energizer puppy.

All our love, Debbie & George
Debbie McNeice & George Schuyler
WeeBee Boston Terriers 🙂
(breeders of the current #2 Boston Terrier in Canada for 2005)
Gig Harbor, WA
'96 Damon Intruder Class A 34ft, ford gas engine
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In memory of Babe
I had Babe since she was a puppy and could fit her in the palm of my hand. She was a black mini poodle and she was as cute a button. She always seemed to know when I needed to be cheered up. She knew so many tricks and I always swore she was part human. I had her by my side always until I got married the first time. I let her stay with my parents because they loved her too. Whenever I would come and visit her she was so happy and always made it hard for me to go home. She fell ill quickly and I never had the chance to console her as she always did for me and she passed away. I have a new furkid now but Babe will always be loved and not forgotten.
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I just had to post to help my healing. Last Labor Day weekend we had to come home from camping early because our Molli was so sick and had to be put out of her misery on that Sunday. Now 2 days ago our sweet, loyal, loving Tippy had to also be relieved of his misery. My heart is just aching and I can't stop the pain. I miss him so much!!!! I know he is at the Rainbow Bridge with Molli and our long since passed, little buddy Moe. Fortunately we have our very hyperactive Owin dog and 2 cats to help ease the pain. Sometimes there is just that extra special pet that comes into your life and that was our Tippy. I love you Tippy and miss you terribly. Thanks for the space to let out my tears.
Husband, Wife and Owin the hyper camping dog
In memory of Molli and Tippy who loved camping and are now camping at the rainbow bridge.

Soon to be lovin' that outdoor life again in our 2010 ROCKWOOD ULTRA LITE 2604SS/05 Ford F250 V-10, 6.8L 4X4


Blue was born in Dec of 1998, but he did not come to me until 2000. He was given up by his first owner (I don't remember why); his second owner started taking herding lessons with Blue from one of my first instructors. His second owner had to move and needed to place several dogs because of his move. The herding instructor knew I was looking for a working dog and thought Blue would suite me. She was right. Blue came to me "started"; which means he was working well in a paddock. He knew how to balance (stay in the right place behind the sheep to keep them to the handler). Blue and I worked together well and soon were trialing (starting at the lowest level: Novice Novice). We were a great team and were successful on the trial field.

2001 NEBCA Novice-Novice Champion
We progressed through the classes all the way to the top level: Open. Our first year in Open (2003) and we were helping set up on a Friday before a big trial and a bad storm blew in; the dogs were crated in a horse trailer when there was a lightning strike close by. Blue panicked and escaped from his verri-kennel. The following weekend there was another storm at a trial and Blue panicked and escaped again. That summer was a bad one for storms and Blue got worse with each storm. We looked for different locations where he would feel safe, but while he felt okay at first in each new location he soon lost this safe feeling. It wasn't long before he was breaking teeth and bloodying his gums and paws trying to escape crates. Teeth needed to be extracted and we tried acepromazine which didn't work when needed due to his adrenaline. Obedience training did not work either, he stopped thinking once he heard thunder and went into his panic. The vet finally prescribed valium, which worked if given in advance of the storm. This meant I spent a lot of time looking at radar at work and calling my wife to let her know when to dose Blue; my wife was now trapped at home. If my wife was not at home during a pop-up summer storm she would find Blue loose (escaped his crate), with a bloody mouth and paws and bloody paws prints on a window or door. We made it though that first summer, barely. The next spring when it started up again we found a new vet. willing to try other drugs. We tried elavil (and anti-anxiety drug) in addition to valium. We increased the dose of elavil to find an effective dose, soon we were at the max dose and started adding in valium. Soon we were at the max dose of both drugs and Blue was still out of control during storms. Blue was now panicking at the sound of jets overhead, loud cars or trucks on the road, gun shots, fireworks, and very distant thunder. If he saw a cloud in the sky he would start to stress. If we tried to drown out the noise by playing a radio 100% of the time, Blue would react to any noise as if it were thunder. Blue had no safe place during storms. Our other dogs were now very stressed during storms due to Blue's and our reaction. I could no longer avoid that terrible decision. I had to give Blue, my Open trial dog, peace in the summer of 2004.

Mark & Renee
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Duke & Penny (Anatolians) home guarding the flock
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Echo, Born sometime in 2004, rescued June 2005, passed June 27th 2006. Thank you for your love. You will be missed by your adopted family.
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Chessie, born summer 1990, died 26 Jun 2006. A fighter, survivor, and loving companion.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Czarny, black cat
Rainbow Bridge: Spotacus, Alexander the Grrreat, and so very many more

Brandi 8-19-94 to 6-22-06

Best furry friend and traveling companion a person could ever have wanted. I'll miss your knocking on the door to come in. Sugar, just wait for the truck at the bridge, I'll pick you up.

Kitty sorry for you loss. I know how much Brandi ment to you.

Forget about world peace...Visualize using your turn signal!

The black husky is the one we just lost 6/22/06. She was 14.


Brandi 8-19-94 to 6-22-06

Best furry friend and traveling companion a person could ever have wanted. I'll miss your knocking on the door to come in. Sugar, just wait for the truck at the bridge, I'll pick you up.
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Gen. Missy was many things:

  • Faithful companion
  • Guardian of the realm
  • Chaser of frisbees, sticks, balls, squirrels and crows
  • Mentor to Maj. Gretchen in her later years
  • Defender of the Light, always.

We gave Missy a home in 1995, when she was almost a year old and had been been "given up" by two other families. We met her at a place called Open Door Sanctuary, a "no kill" shelter outside of St. Louis. Well, the third time's a charm as they say. We could not have asked for a better dog. 🙂

The ravages of time and disease took their toll on Missy the last few months. I sometimes wondered if she could recall the better days. The days when I was hard pressed to throw a frisbee far enough for her not to catch it before it hit the ground. Towards the end, she was still game for an abbreviated game of frisbee. Just a few feet you see, not hundreds. She would slowly amble after it, knowing she was not going to catch in it the air. She didn't care, she was happy to snatch it off the ground after going ten feet. One thing didn't change, she still liked to play "keep away" with it when I tried to get it from her.

In my mind I can see her flying across the Rainbow Bridge, chasing full tilt after that magical, wonderful frisbee. The one that appeared to her after she was able to leave her old, used up earthly body. Get it girl! You go get that frisbee!

Gen. Missy
1994 - June 11, 2006



A year has flown by already, old girl. I still think of you often.

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Gen. Missy - Joined Rainbow Div., June 11,2006 at age 12
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