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1997 Fleetwood Tioga: Where is the AC/therm breaker?

I feel like I am losing my marbles!
I made the mistake of running my air fryer and AC simultaneously whilst entertaining recently in my home (FT RVer in a 97 Fleetwood Tioga). I definitely tripped the shore breaker and the GFCI in the bathroom.
I reset each of those. I found a breaker in the furnace box area on the outside of my unit, which I believe is my furnace breaker. That had not tripped though. Is that the infamous AC breaker I have been searching for?
After we had the trip of the air fryer... we lost the Coleman thermostat. I.e. it will "click" when I change settings but nothing else will happen.
Where do I check fuses related to this therm? I know it has a 2amp glass fuse on the inside of the cover, which I am tempted to replace but it looks fairly normal.
Please assist. I'm cooking here in the Central Valley of is so hot!