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Can Splendide owners help with this problem?


  We have a ten year old 2100XC.  Yesterday we worked on an extended drying issue by taking off the vent hose and pulling out lint with a four prong grabber while I was holding the dryer at a 45 degree angle while my wife did the probing.  The drying cycle was run while in that position to help blow out smaller amounts of lint that we missed.  The drying issue was resolved.  

    What is now happening is the washer will not execute a normal "wash" cycle.  It does everything else fine, fill, rinse while agitating, spin out the water and dry cycle.  What it won't do is execute the "wash" cycle.  

   Normally when the knob clicks to the wash cycle the drum stops, begins adding water, stops the water and turns a few times, stops and adds more water, stops and turns the other direction a few times. At some point the adding water ends and back and forth agitation begins.

  The problem is.....after adding water the first time it just stops.  No rotating.

  We did unplug the A/C for 15 minutes in a futile attempt to reset things to normal.

Appreciate any suggestions!