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CCI 7719 Propane Detector and Solenoid Valve Replacement

I have a 1999 Pace Arrow Vision Motorhome. The propane detector does not work, and in diving into the situation, someone has previously removed the solenoid.

I currently have a CCI 7719 Detector, and looking to replace with a MTI Safe-t-Alert. I have wiring diagrams for both systems, and not sure how to proceed.

The CCI has 3 wires on the detector, one red that goes to the convertor output, one red that goes to the positive side of battery, and one yellow wire that goes to the solenoid. There is an additional wire at solenoid that goes to ground.

The MTI has 4 wires on the detector, one black to ground, one red to positive side of battery, two white wires-one to the solenoid, and one to connect to the red wire. Then there is a wire at solenoid to ground.

So I don't know how to tell on current wiring which red is to battery and which one is to convertor. My guess is I could test voltage with coach unplugged from electrical and the red wire with power is to the battery. Is this right?

Would I do the following:
1. Connect the red and white wire from new detector to the red from the battery and just not use the red wire to the convertor?
2. It appears I would have to add a ground wire to the coach for the new monitor. Right?

Any help is appreciated

Explorer II
Explorer II
There is a guy that is rebuilding the old CCI 7719's..... let me know if you want his info...
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Is that guy still around?

Which model did you get? The 70 series has two white wires, connect one to the red power input and the other white wire to the rig's wire going to the LP solenoid.
The two white wires are relay normally open contacts in the detector.

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