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Dometic RM3604 LP not re-igniting



I have an old Lance camper with a Dometic RM3604 refrigerator. I’ve sort of refurbished the refrigerator and got it back up and running on AC and LP, but recently it’s started having an issue where it will not cycle on and off on Gas. It always starts on LP just fine, runs for a few hours, then I’m assuming it kills the gas since it hits the cooling target. When it tries to start back up it fails to ignite and lights up the check gas light. I’m stumped as to what can cause this issue, I’ve read the service manual for this fridge, and there aren’t any hints I can find for this situation. 

I’ve done the following repairs on it:

-new AC heating coil

-new re-igniter module

-new thermocouple

-cleaned orifice, flue, and burner tube

-cleaned/dielectric greased all the connector contacts

-replaced any crimp spade connectors that looked corroded

-verified good input 12V power (measured 13.7V)