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Fixed water damage and want to sell


We have a 2016 Jayco Redhawk that we had Camping World fix our wall water damage. We believe it was there prior to our purchase but wasn’t disclosed.  It is still in very good condition and we want to sell. Do you know where the best place for us to sell? We have asked a few and with the previous water damage now, even though it’s fixed, they won’t buy it.


Nomad III
Nomad III

Assuming they fixed it properly, there is no water damage anymore. Just put it up for sale. If someone finds the repair and asks, tell the truth.

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Explorer III
Explorer III

Hi there! I'm totally new to the RV scene, so your post caught my eye. I'm in the market for my first RV and need something inexpensive to get started. Your Redhawk might actually be perfect for me as long as I can get someone skilled to take a look at it. I'm not too picky about it being in perfect condition. Could you let me know exactly where it's located? Also, I'd want to use a bill of sale to ensure all the paperwork is legit. Thanks!


nope water dammage is a red flag, usaly meaning the owners never did any yearly maintance or inspections on the unit, so what else is wrong that they missed?   not talking about you but the original owners.  

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Craigslist would be the best.  Is the water damage still visible? If it was repaired correctly it shouldn't affect the resale value much.  It is 8 years old and there are a LOT of rv's for sale now so it's a buyers market. 


Due to poor quality of materials and construction in some RV's, your trailer is almost worthless.

You are going to have a hard time getting any money for it. Sory! But that's the way it is.



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