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Fridge not working/freezer kind of working

Explorer III
Explorer III

2006 Norcold model 611;

On LP gas Freezer kind of works doesn’t really freeze stuff and the refrigerator does not work; although When it is plugged into shore power; The freezer works a little better and the fridge barely works. 
Is it time for me to get a new cooling unit???

Suggestions or help is greatly appreciated🙏



You did not mention how hot it is where you are camping. If the temperature is getting up into the ninties in humid weather, that may be the best the refrigerator can do at this time.


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It may be time for an entire new fridge unit; I’ve done a couple trouble shooting things (cleaned burner, tested thermoster, ) but no success

Was in Montana; temp was 41 degrees 

thank you for your response 


Me to.  The RV is in the shop.  We will know something later

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