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Gas Heater comes on when Elec Heat is used 2008 Fleetwood Excursion 40'


Hi, I have a 2008 Fleetwood Excursion 40" with 2 factory roof airs. They have an elec or gas heat option on the thermostat. I hardly ever electric heat, but ran out of propane and turned them on. When they came on the gas heater also came on. I am 99.99 % sure the gas heater never came on when the electric heat was used. This happened on both the front and rear units in elec heat mode. I assume it is a heat pump as the original window sticker says" DUAL A/C W/HEAT PUMP W/SLR".
Please note last year I had to have the motors on both the front and rear A/C's replaced as from my understanding complete replacement units are not available. Can someone help as to why the gas is now coming on when using the Elec heat option. Both A/C units (cool mode) work fine after replacing the motors. TIA



I know my heat pump will only work by itself (no propane furnace) when there is a less than 5 degree difference between the stated temperature reading and what you want the temperature to be. 

Lets say the thermostat reading is 65 and you want it 75 the propane furnace will come on untill temp reaches 70 or so. Also as said the heat pump will not work if temp is below certain degree. 

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Heat pumps don't work below a certain preset temperature--so the propane is then switched on. Some of the pumps may have a resistance heater built in. I hope this helps.

Regards, Don
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