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Ideas for Keystone water connection upgrade?

Explorer II
Explorer II
Hello all. We have a 2018 Keystone Outback. On the side we have a docking station of sorts which has the fresh hookup / fresh tank fill, black tank flush connection, and cable tv hookup. It is recessed into the wall of the camper with a lockable plastic door. I love that all of these things are together and I like it being recessed, but what I dont like is everything being plastic. Specifically the fresh water hookup / fill. I don't have pictures handy, but there is a sort of plastic neck of sorts that sticks out and has the female hose adaptor. I hate how it bends and feels cheap and I can imagine it breaking some day. I thought about searching for a metal replacement, but that "neck" is threaded into another plastic pipe just inside the trailer that runs into the diverter that can be switched for either fresh fill or city water.

Any ideas on ways to upgrade this to make it a bit more robust? Anyone have a similar system on your RV and upgrade this? The way it stresses, I am convinced it's going to break some day and cause a serious water mess. Thanks for your thoughts and help!


Hello all. I have the exact same hookup. It has been dripping for a while now. This weekend, it started gushing out from behind the part you tighten up to the water hose. Took it out and found a thin round o-ring type washer behind the lip where the water hose washer fits. It was broken up in a bunch of pieces. I tried to find an o-ring at Home Depot. I found one that looks like it fits but it won't stop the leaking and spraying. I'm off to visit a Keystone dealer today to see if I can get a replacement part. I would suggest you do the same before yours does the same thing mine did.

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Nomad III
Nomad III
Had the same concerns so I made a block of wood with a v groove that I put under the port that the hose fits on. Made it so it is only under the shank and does not interfere with the ring that screws onto the hose. Had to flex it once and now It has no flex. Issue solved.

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Explorer II
Explorer II
Hi kfp673, We have an Cougar Xlite with possibly the same stupid docking station. That fresh water hookup is perty flimsy and the black tank flush (bottom left black female hose bib) is even worse plus there's no gravity fill for water tank. Tried using the black tank flush once and had water coming out of the fitting just inside the wall. Fixed that but was a pain to use it so we've never used it. I've thought bout changing out the fresh water hookup but seeing what's in behind it inside the wall cabinet gives me great pause (pic #1). What I did was I got a metal elbow and a screw it into the inlet and opened the little slot and closed the door so the fitting sits outside the door and then screw the hose on it. Been doing that now for the 7 years we've had the 5er and so far have had no problems.

This is what's inside the cabinet behind the docking station.

This is what our docking station looks like. Is it the same as yours?

This is how we attach the city water hose. Seems to take some of the stress off the plastic fitting.

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