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Microwave removal discovery 40X

I am looking to see if anyone has ever had to remove their microwave and how you went about it. Just got back from a trip and microwave had dropped down about 2 inches. Looks like the top bracket came loose. Trying to find out how you get to the top fastners? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 2011 fleetweed Discovery 40X.

Thanks, Nick

Just pulled mine to change out the single outlet to duplex.
Mine is mounted by a faceplate that uses four screws into the cabinet face. The plate is mounted to the microwave with two screws per side. The cord is just long enough to plug it in while the microwave is set on the counter.
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I removed one from a previous trailer. It had an angled piece on the top and bottom that was screwed to the face of the cabinet. Sounds like yours is different.
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Hi Nick,

Welcome to the forums.

Mine did drop in one corner--but not nearly 2 inches.

I removed the screws and slide the unit out.

Then I drove the shelf up into place after putting glue in place.

Finally I added some screws to reinforce the shelf.

I waited 24 hours, then reassembled the unit.
Regards, Don
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