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Onan Microlite propane generator does not always start

I have a factory installed Onan Microlite 2.5KV propane generator in my 2000 Bigfoot truck camper. It starts and runs fine when the house batteries are fully charged. However, it will crank over fine but not start when the batteries are partially discharged unless I manually depress the primer solenoid on the regulator (a bit of a contortionist act). I can watch the solenoid with the red cap removed and visually confirm it does not pull in when the batteries are partially discharged. However, if I give it a little push while it is cranking it will stay in until the generator starts. My battery voltage can get down to 6 volts while it is cranking. My first impression was that the solenoid is weak and needs to be replaced. However, when I called Onan they said it is not available separately from the regulator nor do they have any specification for the pull in voltage. Additionally, I was told that if I get below 8 volts while it is cranking I am out of specification. I am willing to replace the solenoid or regulator if that will fix the problem but am concerned I may replace the regulator and have the same problem. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a work around other than what I am doing? Any recommendations where I can get the solenoid separate from the regulator?