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Open Neutral on new 2023 Keystone Sprinter


Just bought a 2023 Keystone Sprinter 35BH (39ft).  I'm brand new to RV ownership.  Made the maiden voyage this last weekend over memorial day weekend.  Found a few small items that I needed to fix, as I'm a pretty curious person and like to problem solve.  

a) Door fell off a hanging roller (no big deal)
b) trimming coming off (can tack it back in, nbd)
c) in-command lite system didn't work: I after some googling and wire inspections, I found out that they wired the controller backwards (flipped the rx and tx wires... or more accurately, they FAILED to switch them).  This one caught me off guard because I thought they tested this stuff?
d) I have a 50amp Surge Protector from camping world Electric World 50A All-Weather RV Surge Protector in Multicolor .  Plugged this into the 50amp circuit, no issues.  However, once there was a slight load on any outlet (regardless of whether it's an outlet on the inverted outlet circuit or the GCFI circuit) the surge protector would detect an "Open Neutral", error E6, and turn off the power.  I turned off all of the breakers, turned the power back on.  Went around with a multimeter to test outlets.  I found that there were 3 outlets in the bunkhouse that just didn't work.  I took all 3 of those outlets a part to look for issues, but didn't see anything.  I was trying to see if there was voltage between the neutral and ground, but didn't see anything.  On another test, I measured between neutral and hot (read ~120v without load).  Plugged something in and it started spiking momentarily up to 180v.  

Even more interesting, when I moved to the 30amp circuit, therefore moving from two phase to single phase, I didn't see those spikes any more, even under load.  

I haven't had a chance to test at another 50amp pedestal, but I'm hoping that this was somehow a problem on the campsite side and not my side.  However, it feels like under 30amp single phase it's fine?  

BTW, also looked the circuit breaker for obvious neutral wiring issues, but I couldn't see anything.   

Unfortunately, my truck is heading to the shop tomorrow, and therefore I won't be able to get the RV into the shop for a month, but would love any and all thoughts!  


Nomad II
Nomad II

I agree with Way2roll, I'd try different pedestal , preferably at a different CG, before I started tearing things apart. That being said, circuit/surge protectors most often give error codes for issues at the CG pedestal, not within the RV itself. Very sorry to hear that your first RV experience in so filled with issues. 


Best of luck and safe travels. 


Welcome and congrats on the new RV. Sounds like a problem on the 50A outlet at the CG. 



Jeff - 2023 FR Sunseeker 2400B MBS