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Power Converter trouble


I have a 69-70 Winnebago time traveler trailer the power converter went out on it,i know that it is getting power to it because I can hear it humming it's just not putting out the 12v to run the lights. I don't know what's wrong all the fuses are good. does anyone have a wiring scamatic for where all the wires go from it. Can I use an automotive battery charger temporarily to run the lights till I can get it fixed or replaced for now.


Explorer III
Explorer III

If your converter is humming, I would start by checking the voltage on your house batteries. You should see 13 + volts if it is working. If not check the output of the converter itself, do you see 13 + volts? It is probably a single stage converter, and they generally last a long time. 

Navigator II
Navigator II

I doubt you'll find a manual that old. You might want to consider spending $250 to replace the converter with a new modern converter that will not boil the batteries dry. Try calling Randy at  Link 

Yes definitely get an external charger to keep the battery charged. Also make sure the battery is full of distilled water up to about 1/4 inch underneath the tubes under the fill caps that stick down into the battery.


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Nomad II
Nomad II


Yes, you can use an ordinary battery charger for now.

Regards, Don
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