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Solar wiring and other questions


I just bought a solar panel to plug into my rv to top off batteries, it's going to be portable so I'll plug it in when we get to a campsite so I don't have to use the generator as often.  I got the Renogy Wanderer and a 100watt panel.  When wiring to battery does the negative go after the shunt I use now for my battery level gauge and the positive go before the shunt on the battery?    Can I run my generator or use shore power while solar is on and charging or will it hurt it?   I have no clue, thanks.



yhere should be a shunt on the positive of your battery only the negitive,  if you want to account for the power you put back into your battery wire the positive to the positive post of the battery then on the negitive side it shoudl go battery negitive post to shunt, then everything else shoudl be hooked to the other side of the shunt.  anything that doesnt go through the shunt will not be recorded as power in or out. 

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