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Xantrex Freedom X 1200 inverter.


I am thinking about buying a used 5th wheel that comes with a factory installed Xantrex Freedom X 1200 inverter. From what I understand this inverter has a built-in automatic transfer switch.

1. Am I correct?

2. None of the outlets are labeled “inverter”. Does this mean all the 110 volt A/C outlets are connected to the inverter?

3. If I want to have more AC wattage, can I add another inverter in parallel with the existing inverter? Or should I scrap the existing inverter and purchase one with the larger wattage?

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I wouldnt put them in parallel at all unless I could put the outputs on their own leg at the fuse box, but that would mean a diferent box for one also.  Best bet is just finding someone who would want to take that off your hands for a reasonable fee and put it towards the size you want.


I would test the outlets at the dealer. Let them show you how it works.

I have a small outlet tester that I can use to test outlets for power or incorrect wiring.

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