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New to me tow vehicle

OH MY!!!! WOW,came from a 2003 F350 SD 7.3L diesel to a 2016 6.7L F350 SD. Should have changed much sooner. I heard the stories but didn't believe they could be that much better, my bad. LOL Just a happy camper here noW!!!!

shadows4 by Explorer III
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3.0L Duramax teardown

Interesting video (46 min long) of a teardown of a 3.0L Duramax that failed at 146,000 miles.VIDEO

ib516 by Explorer
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Tow vehicle tire advice

I want to ask advice on what to consider for tires on my '05 Suburban.Details: '05 Suburban with 10-year old Cooper Load E truck tires (quite a bit of good tread left, but several years on them, and a total of around 37,000 miles on them)The backstor...

Tow vehicle parts shortage

I have a 2013 GMC Duramax and the TCM...(transmission control module) has went bad and for a part that is not supposed to go bad why is there a national parts shortage for them. My question is has anyone else has had this problem and what was the fin...

How many EVs is GM actually selling?

GM's production and "sales" of EVs, including pickup trucks, went up by a large percentage in the 3rd quarter. But they count vehicles as sold when the dealer takes them. The Bolt seems to be selling to consumers well but the Hummer, maybe not. Is...

Groover by Explorer II
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Ford 7.3 engine users?

Looking to start a discussion with Ford 7.3 gas owners and how they like the truck. My next truck will be pulling a 14-15K 5th wheel and will be a long bed crew cab. The 7.3 looks to be a really cool engine. I'm interested in real world experience...

spoon059 by Explorer II
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Power service winter blend

Has power service changed their formula, just bought some. Had some left over from last winter. The new bottle is a lighter color than what I had left over from last winter

I'm curious to know what you would do?

I am replacing my 2022 F350 Platinum with 26000 miles. I can replace it with an identical truck .... 9 months newer and 1/2 the mileage for $4000 difference .... or, for $14,500 (CAD) difference I can pick up a new 2023 high output Platinum that I or...

4x4ord by Explorer III
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2025 Ram 1500

Looks like the EV with gas power to charge the batteries, and the Hurricane engine (~500hp) is in and the Hemi is out, with a mild refresh on the front end and tailgate.Link

"Service Trailer Brake System" message on Suburban

In August during a camping trip, the message "Service Trailer Brake System" came on the dashboard when the trailer was not connected to the Suburban. I checked all the fuses and they were good. I hooked up the trailer to the Suburban and the messag...

New and Old Skins

Just replaced the second set of Michelins at 108k on my 15 RAM DRW. First set installed at 200 miles and those MS2's went 40k. Received $650 towards any tire any brand because they were toast well before the 60k warranty. So I gave the "new and im...

Continental Tires

Anyone using Continental Terrain Contact A/T tires on their truck? Any comments would be welcome.

Looking at used 2023 Chevy HD 2500, Duramax

Hello All,I am looking to replace my 2011 Ford F250 6.2 gas. I don't do a lot of miles but age and corrosion has caught up especially on the underside of the bed and it's probably time. The truck did fine except on steep hills which I don't see a lot...

solman by Explorer
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Prestone all-vehicle coolant

I know this is going to be fun. The forum is full of book regurgitators, curious (sometimes scientific) rule benders AND "hold me beer, we gonna try somethin' folks...."I had a leak and realized I was low on I went off to Wally World to...

K3WE by Explorer
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Blue Ox bade plates bolts falling off

Here's a new one. when I went to hook up our tow car this morning in Albuquerque I pulled on the base plate and it wiggled back and forth. I have been noticing a grinding action while Towing the car the last few days and to my shock, two of the three...