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"Service Trailer Brake System" message on Suburban

In August during a camping trip, the message "Service Trailer Brake System" came on the dashboard when the trailer was not connected to the Suburban. I checked all the fuses and they were good. I hooked up the trailer to the Suburban and the messag...

New and Old Skins

Just replaced the second set of Michelins at 108k on my 15 RAM DRW. First set installed at 200 miles and those MS2's went 40k. Received $650 towards any tire any brand because they were toast well before the 60k warranty. So I gave the "new and im...

Continental Tires

Anyone using Continental Terrain Contact A/T tires on their truck? Any comments would be welcome.

Looking at used 2023 Chevy HD 2500, Duramax

Hello All,I am looking to replace my 2011 Ford F250 6.2 gas. I don't do a lot of miles but age and corrosion has caught up especially on the underside of the bed and it's probably time. The truck did fine except on steep hills which I don't see a lot...

solman by Explorer
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Prestone all-vehicle coolant

I know this is going to be fun. The forum is full of book regurgitators, curious (sometimes scientific) rule benders AND "hold me beer, we gonna try somethin' folks...."I had a leak and realized I was low on I went off to Wally World to...

K3WE by Explorer
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Blue Ox bade plates bolts falling off

Here's a new one. when I went to hook up our tow car this morning in Albuquerque I pulled on the base plate and it wiggled back and forth. I have been noticing a grinding action while Towing the car the last few days and to my shock, two of the three...


Now that we have sold our travel trailer, DW deemed it time to get rid of our 2006 F-250. I would like to sell it to a private party but determining a price for it has become an problem.. I have used the on line KBB and others, providing the data th...

DD716TED by Explorer
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Sensitive headlight sensor

My 2018 Silverado seems to have a super sensitive automatic headlight sensor. Sometimes even if I drive through a shady area in the middle of the day with even bright sunshine my headlights will turn on. Had it checked out and was told everything che...

d1h by Nomad II
  • 13 replies

Bulb out

Can the bulbs be replaced behind the buttons on the climate control? Mine just went out on the button that directs air flow to the floor. Can't see the button at night.

d1h by Nomad II
  • 11 replies

Looking for LED headlight upgrade options

My old 2015 Ram 1500 runs great, and I'm not interested in mortgaging the house for a new truck. So a few select upgrades might be worthwhile. I'm not interested in sticking an LED bulb in my halogen projector housing. I think I would rather repla...

Semi's as tow Vehicles

This is similar to others I have seen here. The 5th wheel or 5th Caravan as they call it here tends to be a Custom or converted commercial trailer

F-250 vs F-350

We are likely going to buy a new Ford with the 7.3 V-8 and 373 axles. We tow a 2 Horse Living Quarters aluminum trailer that weighs 5500 empty and has a 10,000 max GVW. Our question is would the F-250 have a smoother ride than the F-350 when not towi...