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New gas stations everywhere

Nomad II
Nomad II

If we are heading to an all electric future why is it everywhere I go I see new gas stations being built? Some are huge with rows and rows of gas pumps. Don't seem to see any charging stations being built. Is  the electric revolution going to die and ICE will remain king?



Just announced in Detroit free press that one half of ford dealers will not sell any full electric EV vehicles in 2024. Cheers.

Sounds like Ford is having a problem producing a good price competitive product. Hopefully they will figure it out. Maybe a direct to consumer sales model is needed. 

@Reisender wrote:

Sounds like Ford is having a problem producing a good price competitive product. Hopefully they will figure it out. Maybe a direct to consumer sales model is needed. 

Sounds like Ford figured out that they don't have to play the game.  None of the EV's are "competitive" it one removes the tax incentives/government subsidies.  Every heard of the term ROI?  It drives business, as it should. 


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I don’t know. Some companies seem to be doing well with EV’s. Ford needs to figure it out or risk losing market share. 

Companies doing well with EV's only sell EV's. They aren't competing against their own, better selling, ICE products. You only miss market share if there is a market to share. Consumers dictate the market. If demand isn't there, Ford isn't missing anything by letting Tesla sell EV's while everyone else is selling ICE's. If the demand were there Ford would invest more into it. They are smart enough to know that at this time, despite subsidies, demand just isn't there. There is no EV market share to be lost - there is in the ICE market. 

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I get that. But if people are buying EV’s they aren’t buying gassers so some market share is being lost. Using tesla as an example. They sell about 5300 cars per day. People buying those used to buy something else. Now they are not. And EV sales growth is strong.  I would think that companies like ford and GM want to be competitive in a sales market that is growing. The number one SUV/car sold in the world in 2023 was electric. Ford and GM sell SUV’s. That’s lost market share.  


You are assuming people that buy EV's are not also buying an ICE, when according to the data, almost every EV owner also has an ICE. 

2023 FR Sunseeker 2400B MBS

I don’t know. Trends don’t seem to indicate that. What happens here is in a two car household they replace one car with an EV. Then over the next year everybody fights who gets to drive the EV. Especially in winter. Instant warm up, no going to gas stations, super cheap to run, no taking it in for oil changes. Eventually momma wins and dad ends up buying his own the following winter.  This is super common here. 

I’m sure different areas have different results and of course there are many variables. 

I just think legacy manufacturers should be more pro-active if they want to be competitive. Not an expert. Time will tell. 


I think you’re misreading your own chart. Look at where the blue line is at for 2022. Everything after that is pure speculation. Ever hear of the wise old saying: “Past Performance is not a Guarantee of Future Results”. You might want to ask anyone that bought GM stock pre 2009 how that worked out for them. Even things going on in Germany today point towards a not so rosy picture for EV’s in their future.

EV's are full of technology.  Resale and appeal is like buying a used computer or phone more than buying a used car. The tech is moving along quickly and most people that currently buy EV's want the leading edge of inovation rather than generations past.

As was pointed out in the article, purchase price is higher for a similar sized combustion driven vehicle and government incentives are being reduced that help with that differential.

I can see used EV's sales being the most popular where there are restrictions introduced where you can operate a combustion engine. It will force people to EV's and used may be their only affordable choice.

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I guess your mind is made up. I might suggest applying for a role at Ford to share your secret sauce on the missed market share since EV's are taking over - according to your data. Obviously, the major manufacturers are missing out on this gold mine. Can't imagine why major manufacturers are pulling back on EV production and more gas stations are being built. You are clearly seeing something they aren't. 

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It’s not my data. It’s just the way it is. 

Anyway. Interesting discussion. 

Stay warm all. Headed for minus 27 here. Ugh. 



Thousands of car dealers have a potent warning for electric vehicle enthusiasts

Celebrity Motor Cars CEO said that consumers are just not ready for EVs.

The Street News


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Who is he trying to convince. 😂.  

Well Mr.  many business news and auto news (recent) articles speak for themselves for those that can read plain English.  1/3 of cadillace dealers will not accept EVs or they will shut down if forced to.  Evidently EV folks don't ever read auto news, Bloomberg, WSJ, Barrons, etc., etc.  Shoot the messenger never changes anything sport. I could care less about convincing anyone but there are two sides to every issue.  Most EV owners have a reliable ICE vehicle for important functions such as long distance trips but never admit it on social forums.  Hypocrites.

The 3 major auto makers have drastically scaled back EV truck production due to lack of consumer demand. Just the news. Trying to force high priced EVs down the throats of consumers with mandates is not working I am happy to say.  Many millions of Americans live in condos and apartments without charging stations so no home charging for the poor souls. 

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