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Backwards buttons

Here’s a weird deal that I’ve never run across before. We brought our trailer home for the summer and are ready to go out on our first weekend voyage and the button actions are backwards. Slide in sends the slide out, retract extends the tongue jacks...

7 way cord Bigfoot-Ford connection question

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds. Been getting connection to camper error messages on my Ford dash, suspect it is the double ended 7 way cord that came with my Bigfoot 10.4. Had Amazon ship me a new cord but it looks different from the origin...

mnih by Explorer
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2024 Ford Ranger

Overall nice truck and Ford as usual will struggle to meet demand. The one thing I don't like is the optional side step behind the rear tire will collect rocks and dirt. Also not sure why a mid size requires a step.Link1Link 2Raptor

FishOnOne by Explorer III
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I Bought Too Much Truck

I've read people say "No one ever complained about having too much truck when towing a travel trailer." That may be true, but I'm not towing my trailer yet, and I feel like I bought too much truck. I bought a Ford F-250 with crew cab and a long bed...

2019 coleman 264RL tire pressure?

The placard on the side is weathered and I can't read the psi. It's not in the manual either. Anyone know the correct psi for coleman 264RL? I read I shouldn't go by what is on the tire. Tires are currently at 40psi which seems low.

ncladfw3 by Explorer
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Air Bags Necessary?

My fridge, fresh water (50g), and single slide are all on one side (passenger side) of my Eagle Cap 950 truck camper, and as such it lists about 3/4” to the passenger side.Is this a concern I need to address with airbags or not enough to worry about?...

egarant by Explorer III
  • 10 replies

Fresh water tank support

I've been reading on a Winnebago site about water tanks having insufficient support and actually hanging down from the trailers. I checked other brand sites and see the same issues. Mostly in smaller trailers. Has anyone had experience with this?

GPS tracker for trailers?

thinking of starting an rv rental biz. I would like to put gps tracking on each trailer. Any suggestions for a device that is not too costly and works well? I'm sure I'll have to pay a yearly subscription for service but looking to stay under $100...

need help with wiring on KIB monitor panel

I bought a vandalized unit(2018 keystone cougar) and it has a KIB model 25 monitor panel with 3 lighted switches (water pump, gas and electric water heater switches) and also has 5 buttons to press for battery/fresh/black/grey 1/grey 2They tore the w...

No power getting to my Angler 8C, 2001

Hope everyone is having a good year so far. The problem is that when it is plugged in to "my house" or the generator, it throws the GFI, in my house or generator. It does not trip any of the breakers inside or blow any of the fuses on the inside. I b...

sapperb by Explorer
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Chevrolet 6.6 burning oil

Been a diehard Chevrolet gas, engine truck person my entire life. Use them very hard in my landscaping business, and the 6.0 gasoline never missed a beat. unfortunately the 6.0 gasoline is nonexistent, and I had to buy the 6.6 but I’m not happy about...

jabres by Explorer II
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