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Skylight in carport for solar panel?

I am building a new house with an additional carport to house my camper. I would like protection from the elements, but also to be able to keep the trickle charge up on my camper batteries using my existing solar panels on the camper roof. The roof...

orourkmw by Explorer
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Replacing vintage window seals

We're restoring a 1964 Yellowstone travel trailer, commonly referred to as "the tin can". Anyway, I'm in need of a source for replacement vinyl seals that were used in the aluminum windows.Any suggestions where to find this material?Thanks!

Mr__Jeff by Explorer
  • 3 replies

Best Quality/Value Expandable?

I'm new to the forum, and the RV world. I'm looking to by a new or slightly used expandable for my family of four. I'm looking for the best quality materials & construction, and value for my dollar.There aren't many trailers that my tow vehicle can ...

Winterizing Process

I just watched a video demonstrating two methods of winterizing your travel trailer. One involved using primarily an air compressor and a dash of RV antifreeze and the other 6 gal of RV antifreeze. I have a Premier Bullet 19FBR with a winter package....

usaclark by Explorer
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Sway bar

I am considering a sway bar for my set up. I have a Draw Tite weight distribution hitch now and am considering a Draw Tite #3400 or #83660 and a Reese #26660 sway bar. What do you experts suggest? Thanks in advance.

POLORBR by Explorer
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sliding glass frame coming loose

Our 2005 Artic Fox 30U has a sliding glass window with a screen next to the dinette. While wife was opening window, frame started coming off the glass as she pulled on it.Got her to stop pulling, but how do I fix this? New one for me.Thanks in adva...

MotorTrend 1 year test verdict of the Ecoboost

ClickyInteresting read if you are considering one.Driving the EcoBoost-powered F-150 was an absolute blast. It's hard to complain about a four-wheel-drive truck that hits 60 mph from a stop in 6.6 seconds, and, as we mentioned before, we took every o...

Truck suggestions for a Lance Lite 815

This Saturday we are going to look at our first used truck camper for sale. It's a Lance Lite 815 with the extended cab over.We will be trading in our F-150 4x4 crew cab for a 3/4 ton or 1 ton 4x4 crew cab, but we are waiting until after we pick out ...

Slide needs adjustments HELP

I own a Adventure 2012 980 RDS TC and I need to adjust the slide on camper as it is binding going in or out.When slide is out a bit and with a tape one can see one side of slide is out about 5/8 “ farther than other.When putting out slide motor stop...

Palomino Real-Lite lifting system

Hi everyone.I'm new here,I just bought a used 2012 Palomino Real-Lite SS1603. I'm learning the ins and out of this camper,I checked it out thoroughly for leaks and tears, and so far so good,that camper is still like new. The only thing I can't figure...

Brakes. What In The World Happened?

I noticed the brakes on my 2011 Jayco 32BHDS seemed to be lacking on our second to last trip. Then, on our last run, they seemed really light regardless how hard I braked, and even with the brake controller at 10, fully engaged.Today, I pulled one r...

what are you must have's in tc

Its been a while since we owned an rv I'm out of practice. lolHere are a few things I remember but I'm sure there are more. What's yours?duct tape (never used it)playing cardsa few toolswater thief (never used it still in its package)clean water hose...

TraciK by Explorer
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