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Castle Rock

My new TT came with Castle Rock brand of tires. Some reviews say they are great with no problems others say beware. Guess very few manufacturers put Goodyears on at the factory.

d1h by Traveler
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Scamper Trailer Owners Manuals

Hello all, we're new here but not new to travel trailers. Many years ago we had a 1975-ish Scamper travel trailer and I just came across the manuals that 'should' have gone with the camper when we sold it. It's been too many years to track down the b...

Cool Mods - Thread restored 10/18/2012

My daughter was getting a little warm in her bunk during our last camping trip, so I decided to put her a fan in to keep the air flowing. I had been wanting to add a 12-volt fan to the main living area anyway, so I decided to tackle both jobs today....

2Rad4U by Explorer II
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Any Rove Lite owners?

So hard to get information on the new Rove Lites (new as of 2021, but that's still pretty new). The tanks are small, can deal with that, the build is high-quality with very little chance of water damage/mold which is the priority for me. Plus it's so...

mmm23 by Explorer II
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Rove Lite

Anyone know anything about or have any experience with a Rove Lite trailer! I’m looking for a small trailer and ran across a couple. They look interesting, but I can’t find any actual reviews. The small trailer market around here is full, full, full ...

mavapa by Explorer III
  • 6 replies

Travel Lite vs. Lance (is quality worth the cost)

I'm currently considering a Lance 2185 and the Travel Lite Falcon/Aura 24BH. I believe pricing on the Lance hits around $35,00; and the Travel Lite can be had for about $20,000. They are similar in size, and function (bunks); either would work for o...

jcphil by Explorer
  • 16 replies

How to test Converter voltage

I'm having trouble with my heater shutting off after about 20 minutes and the battery appears to be draining quickly when I look at the the central control panel in my RV.  I think the two are related so I'm trying to determine if my battery is being...

Newbie: Hybrid trailer questions

Hi, I've found this forum because I'm researching purchasing a used hybrid travel trailer. It all started when planning a trip to Yellowstone. I was searching Facebook marketplace for a trailer to rent and stumbled across a few very old ones for sale...

Red81 by Explorer II
  • 9 replies

Resolved! My Travel Trailer Fell Down

I was putting yellow blocks under my travel trailer wheels on one side to level it.  My lot is not paved, not gravel, just dirt and grass.  I did the job and it was great.  It was level.  Then I was adjusting the entry steps and the tongue jack slid ...

Jack 2.jpg

Camper type wood burning stove for home...

To clarify, I am not intending to put one in my camper (I do not have one anymore...)...but, I recall an article or topic post some years ago about an upscale camper (I think it was a TC) that had a very modern, sleek and efficient wood burner it it....

d3500ram by Explorer III
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Atwood Furnace issues

HelloAny help appreciatedAtwood furnace afsd20121 Winnebego micro 22' At first would work a couple of cycles then no ignition. Reset and that is an issue as furnace has no outside access and well, lot of work to pull out1. cleaned sail switch of dus...

What model is it?

Bought a 96 jayco popup camper, have the title and VIN, still can't figure out this model? Any pro's out there that maybe have an idea.[img]***Link Removed*** ***Link Removed***.[/img]

cp775 by Explorer
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Resolved! FOUR Campgrounds We Stayed At On The Way Home

Bluewater Lake State Park NMMaryhill State Park WALa Pine State Park ORDeath Valley CAAll these campgrounds were nice to stay at. I do complain about Maryhill for high price with everything being turned off and closed. Just a single Porta potty outsi...