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Bigfoot Dinette Window Enlarging - Anyone Done it?

One of the many future projects on the Bigfoot is to redo the windows. I have the older window style where the double pane window seal is pulled towards the center of the window. They are also looking quite aged and time for a refresh.One of the thin...

adamis by Nomad
  • 1 replies

Maybe getting a longer trailer

Thinking of upgrading to a 31’ trailer from a 27 footer. TV is a GMC 2500HD cc long bed. I know longer trailers are generally easier to back up. I keep my trailer in a driveway at my house so it’s a 90 degree back in on a 30’ wide suburban street. ...

Whangler by Explorer II
  • 9 replies

Gas fridge on the move?

We have been driving our 1996 Lance Legend truck camper with the Dometic ac/dc/gas refrigerator/freezer on - until today, when, as we got to CO, the fridge started to switch itself from “gas” to “check” (ie off), so we stopped to consult with a techn...

What load capacity should a ladder have for A/Cs?

The model is a dometic 13500 BTU brisk 2, weighs about 70~80 lbs & I was wondering what is the minimum type of ladder I need. A average sized women would be on it & I would be pulling from the top. Can I use a multipurpose/multiposition ladder? I was...

Road tripping for used TCs

I'm reading a few threads on this topic, but would love to hear some advice on how you all have handled looking/buying TCs that aren't in your immediate area?Here's what I'm currently looking at:2013 Wolf Creek 850- nearby but priced high2014 Wolf Cr...

Fluctuating water temps

In our shower, hot water flows hot and cold water flows cold. When taking a shower, at normal flow, the temp stays constant. When we push the button to a trickle (oxygenics head) the water temp fluctuates hot/cold/hot/cold. It never happened before u...

cmarkj by Explorer
  • 5 replies

Jack Failure Disaster

I had a terrible experience yesterday when I tried to unload my camper which resulted in my camper falling over on its side in my front yard. It happened so fast I'm not exactly sure where it went wrong. I'm new to truck camper loading and unloading...

To slide or not to slide. That is the question.

I've have an 8' Lance with no slides, a 9'6" Lance with a dinette slide (usable with the slide in), and a 40' DP with slides (usable with the slide in). I have a Host Everest on order (not usable with slides in).Obviously, with a MH you want to be a...

WarrenS65 by Explorer II
  • 30 replies

Picked up 2014 Adventurer 80RB

Been looking for a decent 8ft camper for hunting and stuff and found a 2014 Adventurer 80rb in great shape that fits perfect in my ram 2500 longbed. Just need to get it all situated now.Can you buy new remotes for happijack electric jacks? It is wire...

kirkl by Explorer
  • 8 replies

2021 F150 trailer disconnect alarm issues

So, last fall I bought a 2021 F150 XLT 2.7. It comes with an amazing amount electronic "stuff", including a bunch of stuff related to towing. One weird thing is, with all the towing / trailer sensors and features, it doesn't have a built in brake c...

Tvov by Explorer
  • 21 replies