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Ducted AC Ceiling vents

Just noticed from our Solaire brochure that our upper double bunk bed is missing a ceiling duct. The rear bath that is right beside the bunk has one, but not the bunk. I assuming that the two runs of ducting through the Styrofoam roof of our trailer are running parallel from the front to the back? What are your thoughts? I think they just forgot to do the bunk or are trying to save cutting the hole and the $5.00 for the duct??

The same could be said for the floor grates for the furnace. There is one in front of the dinette that runs a straight line to the furnace in the tv wall cabinet , but none in front of the sofa that runs along the same line??

Should I cut some holes and finish the job?

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What I noticed while replacing the ac unit on my Jayco is the cold air enters a camber inside the roof at the ac unit. One duct is cut through the roof towards the curb side, that goes to the front, and one is cut towards the street side, and that one goes to the back. All registers are in a straight line, the ducts start from the sides of the ac unit and go front or back.

The Dutchmen we now have does the same thing. But unlike the Jayco that had a register in the "hall" between the bunks and bath door, the Dutchmen has a register in the rear bath and nothing in the rear bunks. The bathroom is like a meat locker and the bunks are warm. It would be nice to add a duct from the bath register and share with the bunk but it looks like a big job involving some major disassembling.

I think it would be a fairly simple job to cut through the ceiling, into a duct, and add a register. If the duct is there.

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Explorer II
azdryheat wrote:
Pull the bathroom vent and see where the duct goes. If it goes over the bunk then it sounds like an easy job to cut a hole and put in a vent.

That's what I did when I added all my extra "ceiling registers". I removed a ceiling register and then stuck one of the stiffer metal tape measures in the vent hole and extended the tape to see how far the duct was cut out in the ceiling "insulation foam".

The floor registers are probably run using flexible ducting that is just laying in the enclosed underbelly and are not "cut" into the floor insulation like the ceiling registers are.

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Pull the bathroom vent and see where the duct goes. If it goes over the bunk then it sounds like an easy job to cut a hole and put in a vent.
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Have you contacted Sol Aire to ask them?
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