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Not a rant

Back in the day my old TTs’ roof vents: hand crank open/close & push the on/off button… no maintenance and worked every time. Easy-Peasy.

My last two TT’s: automatic roof vents with remote controls. After 3 yrs in the current TT two vents are belly-up. I’m not handy so I hired a local traveling RV repairman who came out, took them apart, and found two dead motors that need to be replaced…parts and labor well over $200.

I guess that’s progress.
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Go Cougs!

jetboater454 wrote:
...and then go to the rv place to get it.

No need to go to the RV place to wait two weeks for them to order a special part.

Google the part number, Find it on Amazon or eBay, order it and have it show up.
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Explorer III
Explorer III
I installed a Fantastic Fan with a wired remote. The remote was mounted next to the over-cab bed of our Class C so nobody had to get out of bed to change anything. The Fantastic Fan also had a moisture sensor so we could leave it open when we left for the day and we didn't have to worry about rain. We came back to the RV many times to find the vent closed and turned off and we didn't know that it had rained, but after asking the neighbors, they said that it did.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
My Grandfather replaced his 1950 Ford with a new '63 Fairlane. I was with them when a Uncle was showing off his new '69 Caddy, and all it's features. His judgement? Over time, we abbreviated as "Too many FREDs"

Nomad III
Nomad III
Ummm...I asume you replaced the vent with a manual operating one then? They do still have them available.

The vent in our 2021 is manually raised and the fan utilizes a button inside the opening.
Tammy & Mike
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Explorer II
Explorer II
I loved my old fashioned hand crank vents. They worked every time with no effort. Old fashion is good, life is good, all is good.

Cheers from Eldorado

Explorer III
Explorer III
Is there an app to fix my alternator for less than $1000? Thats a joke by the way, carry on.

Moved from ATC

Explorer II
Explorer II
Me too. Wish, wish, wish, wish......for winning jackpot numbers. Some of the other problems, I can solve myself.
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Explorer III
Explorer III
The best invention is the bluetooth toilet you can flush from your phone app. No need to reach behind you and pull the lever.

Is this a great country or what?
So many campsites, so little time...

Yea, but now you can sit in the plush recliner, hit the remote and if something breaks...all you have to say to your phone is.."Hey google (or Siri) call a repair guy to fix (name of part)" No hunting down the 100 page catalog, find the pic of it and then go to the rv place to get it.
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