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Scamper Trailer Owners Manuals


Hello all, we're new here but not new to travel trailers. Many years ago we had a 1975-ish Scamper travel trailer and I just came across the manuals that 'should' have gone with the camper when we sold it. It's been too many years to track down the buyer and now would like to know if there's an owner out there who would like to have some original manuals to go with your trailer. 

I'd be happy to send these by mail to anyone who would like to have them. Included:

  • Owner's Guidebook
  • Oven Guide
  • Astral Fridge guide
  • Series ARC-10 Hydro Flam Furnace guide
  • Clare Jewel Stove guide
  • Maple Leaf Toilet guide

We're located in Manitoba Canada and dreaming of warm camping weather already.