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Slide out blows fuse coming in

I have a 2022 Forest River Surveyor Legend 252 RBLE. Only one slide on this unit and its the dinette. I believe it is the rack and pinion style slide out. No rails on either side of slide visible.

It works fine when extending and shutting off like it should after the sound, we all wait for. The problem comes when I bring the slide in. It appears to come all the way in but the sound you expect at the closing does not happen. The slide appears to be all the way in and looks so when I go outside and check.

The issue is after the slide stops coming in you can hear the fuse pop/blow.

I am not to familiar with trouble shooting electrical issues. I assume I need to get to the motor etc. for the slide. Which I'm afraid is in the underbelly.

So any idea on how to trouble shoot without dropping the underbelly

If you are expecting to hear the same ratcheting sound coming in as it makes at the end of its outward travel, you won't hear it. It only does that on extension, not retraction.
So when it stops moving inward, let go of the switch.

By hearing the “fuse pop/blow” do you mean a click sound? If so, it may be an auto reset circuit breaker opening due to current overload. If you are continuing to hold the closing switch after the slide stops moving in, you are probably causing that overload. When a motor stops turning but is still under power the current will increase (locked rotor amps) considerably exceeding normal running amps.

What sound are you expecting to hear?

Nomad II
Nomad II

I can try and help, but we are missing some info, not knowing your exact camper or slide drive.

I looked up your camper here,

It does not state the slide drive's type or brand. I cannot identify with your wording about waiting for the sound.

RONTHET wrote:
It works fine when extending and shutting off like it should after the sound, we all wait for.

You also mentioned you think it might be a rack and pinion. The sound you hear, is this a clunk, clunk, clunk at the end of travel, in or out? If so, some rack and pinion slide drives have a clutch that slips and goes clunk, clunk when it reaches something jammed or the end of travel. But not always, extending out the clutch trips, retracting in, some clutches will clunk and some do not, they just grunt once and stop moving.

Next is the extend and retract button. When all movement stops, and you hear the clunk clunk clunk, you are supposed to let your finger off the button as it is applying full power to the motor with your button pushed, again pending the brand. Same for when the slide retracts in, when all movement stops, you are supposed to let your finger off.

Now you state you hear the fuse blow/pop, small ATC-type fuses do not make much, if any, sound when they blow, and they will no longer work again until you change the fuse.

But, an auto reset circuit breaker can pop/click when it trips, and when it cools down, it will self-reset once the power goes away and it cools down.

A few questions:

1. Did you have to physically change a fuse when the event popped/tripped?

2. Did the electrical device reset itself, and did you just try again?

3. How long do you hold your finger on the button when the slide retracts in and movement stops?

4. Does this issue only happen when the slide is coming in? Assuming yes, did the clunk clunk sound happen or did the slide just stop moving, you kept holding the button, and then it popped/clicked?

We really do not know the slide drive type you have, and it is hard to assume we are stating what your system can and can't do. The above that I typed fits a Lippert rack and pinion-style slide drive.

If you can post pictures of the slide drive under the slide or a brand names etc. it can help.

Hope this helps


PS. Most RV manufacturers do not put replaceable fuses under the underbelly for a slide drive. That may be in a separate high-power junction box up by the camper battery. The same goes for an auto-reset circuit breaker, it can be in the high-power junction box by the battery. At this point, you should not have to drop the underbelly to change a fuse. Not sure of the problem just yet, so suggest not dropping the underbelly until you know more.
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