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VIDEO: New SS Muffler, Truck Engine Runs Awesome

Nomad II
Nomad II
SS Muffler From NAPA Installed

A new muffler is the last item to complete my effort to get the truck in peak running condition for our upcoming trip to Albuquerque to observe the Annular Solar Eclipse in Totality lasting about 5 minutes. Remember, you need to wear eye darkening protection throughout the duration of this event. It also happens on the final day of the balloon festival. A hoard of people I intend to miss.
To bring you up to speed, I have installed all new Delphi fuel injectors, NKG ignition coils, Motorcraft Platinum Spark Plugs, Sealed the plug boots with silicone to prevent coolant from leaking down and shorting out the spark, and devised a fix for the chronic intake manifold coolant leak at the front right side crossover coolant tube. The truck is running the best it ever has. I just finished installing new semi-metalic brake pads and replaced the two rear rotors. The truck stops better than ever with no pulsing or pull to either side. Love when everything comes together.