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VIDEO: Replacing The Shore Power Access Door

Nomad II
Nomad II
Replacing The Shore Power Access Door

I made the dunderheaded move of forgetting to unplug my Truck Campers shore power cord, and broke off the shore power access cover door. I also put a small tear in the cables jacket and repaired that. I also had to deal with sharp edges on the new part that could have potentially damaged the cable jacket again through normal use.

I found the replacement Access Door at E-Trailer for about 50.00 bucks, tax, shipping, and all. A simple and straight forward repair. If you need a visual aid, here it is.

Update to a prior posting regarding the Ford 5.4 liter chronic leaking intake manifold gasket, the repair has been working flawlessly for a couple weeks now without having to pull the manifold or change gaskets, simple install the repair part as is and all is instantly fixed.