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Hauling my camper

Explorer II
Explorer II

Hello everyone,

Looks like the forums had an update since I last posted...

Last time I was here I was updating about how I was restoring a new to me 1996 Lance Legend 945. Its since been finished, its progress you can see here

I finally took it on its first journey in who knows how long, last weekend. We took it to the beach. Truck handled it just fine. On my way home, I decided to hit up the scales.


7500 on the rear axles. Yikes! That's 1500 over my tires ratings.

When I do some google fu looking up the Legend 945, I can find tons of photos of this camper on single rear wheel drive trucks. For the life of me I can't find a rim/wheel combo that puts me into a safe limit.


So for those driving a SRW truck and a heavy camper, what wheels/rims are y'all using?


Explorer II
Explorer II

I ended up deciding to go with a dually swap. Cool thing about these older trucks, it's a direct bolt in. In the long term it will be cheaper to do this than buying larger rims and tires. 19.5 rims were about $255 each, and rubber was about $420 each, so for four tires with no spare would be about $2700, whereas the dually swap is going to cost me about $1830 plus some spare time.

Explorer II
Explorer II

Good morning,

Thanks for the reply.

The truck is actually a 1990 f350, when I built it I never changed the fender decals.

The tires I'm running are 235/85R16 rated at 3042lbs each.

I spent a considerable amount of time last night looking up wheels and tires. Only way to get a heavier weight capacity rim is to get a trailer rim it appears. I also have read its not a good idea to use one on a driven axle. I started pricing out 19.5 rims, they sure are proud of them.

Has anyone heard of Arrowhead dually adapters? I have a lead on a set, with duallys it would definitely put me in a safe wheel load range.

ya for me to get almost 3900lbs per tire I am running 20" rims.  part of the heavy payload package for my truck from the factory.  if you going to change rims and you can fith them just go with the 19.5" and get into the real heavy range tires. 

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You didn't mention what truck or tire wheel size you currently have.  You restoration link shows a F250 with 17" wheels I'm assuming?  A few years back the tire world de-rated E series 17" tires to 3,195 lbs across the board but nobody knows why.  If you change your wheels out, you can find 18" & 20" wheels going all the way to 4,080 lbs.  Or go all in with 19.5" wheels and a whole new world of G & H rated tires opens up. 

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